Ashton's little sister (cth)

"You don't know what love is!!!" Said Ashton screaming.

"More then you know you fucking jerk" I said.


27. the dressing room

Michelle's P.O.V

The show was finished and I saw the boys in the crowd talking to random people and Calum waiting for me by my dressed room and all the models trying to flirt with him but he just kept looking for me.

"I'm so sorry for everything I love you so much you did so good" he said handing me roses and attacking me with kisses.

"It's alright and thank you" I said. Before I could close the dressing room and walked in. It's cool because each model gets their own couch with bathroom and make up set and changing room.

"This is so cool" said Calum.

"I know right" I said.

"I'm gonna et dressed for the leaving announcement get my dress please" I said.

"Okay" he said while grabbing a white short flowy dress. Calums was sitting on my dress bench right next to the mirror so he had the perfect view of me getting dressed. I took off my robe to reveal I dark velvet lace bra and underwear. His eyes went wide. I was in the mood to tease. I sat on his lap facing him.

"So how did you like the show" I said biting my lip. He ran his hands up and down my thighs.

"U-uh it was great um- fuck" he said. I started to move my hips slowly. His head went back as I felt the bulge in his pants. I then got up seeing I had only 10 minute dot get ready.

"I have 10 minutes" I said putting on my dress.

"Why do you always do that" he whined.

"Because I always leave you wanting more" I said whispering in his ear and running my hand swiftly on him. I fixed my lipstick and dragged Calum to our seats.

There was only one seat so I just sat on Calums lap.

"This isn't helping at all" he said lifting up my dress. I tugged it back down see Ashton watching us. The lady gave her speech while Calum kept bothering me.

We finally left.

"Let's go clubbing" said Michael.

"Yea" said Luke and Ashton.

"I'm kinda tired" I said.

"Alright so you can stay" said Ashton while driving.

"I'll stay with her" said Calum. What a good BF I have.

"Stay safe" said Ashton.

"Use protection" said Michael As me and Calum got out of the car.

I'm sorry I haven't updated I have been taking the time to gather my thoughts and think of some good stuff to write💖.

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