Ashton's little sister (cth)

"You don't know what love is!!!" Said Ashton screaming.

"More then you know you fucking jerk" I said.


32. insecure

Michelle's P.O.V

"Hey babe you okay?" Asked Calum.

"Yea I'm fine just gonna get dressed" I said fiddling with my clothes.

"The boys are ready downstairs so hurry up" he said kissing my cheek. I put on a black two piece and a big shirt I wasn't really planning to go in so.I went downstairs and sat on the beach chair. All the boys eyes were on me which made me nervous.

"Hey come in" said Cal.

"U-um no I'm fine" I said. Calum rolled his eyes and walked over to me.

"Alright what's wrong" he said. The boys weren't looking but they were way too quiet so I know they were listening.

"I'm just feeling a little insecure" I said.

"Why you are so gorgeous" he said pulling my face up with his finger.

"Your a vs model for peet sake" screamed Michael.

"Oh shut up" I said giggling. Calum just looked me in the eyes. I showed him the messages and tweets and put my knees up to my chest.

"Is this why you didn't eat this morning" he asked.

"N-no" I lied.

"Well your coming in the pool" he said. He dragged my shirt off of me.

"If you throw me in the pool your not getting anything" I whispered in his ear. He put me down instantly.

"What did you tell him" said Luke.

"Nothing" I smirked. I went inside took the cookies or if the oven and got a glass of lemonade with cups and went outside.

"This is my dream girls in bikinis with cookies" screamed Harry.

"Yea that dream won't be going on for long" I screamed back. I put the food on the table as all the boys ran I jumped in the pool.

"Hello" said Harry who stayed in the pool.

"Hi"I said smiling.

"So the pretty girl can cook" he smirked.

"Eh" I said.

"It was delicious by the way. And that dessert looks great" he said.

"But I would like a different dessert" he whispered in my ears. My eyes went wide as I waited for the boys. All of a sudden splashes of water went everywhere and I looked up to see the boys with stuffed faces. I just giggled.

"You should be insecure at all if anything you Should be showing off more" whispered Harry in my ear as he got out of the pool to get cookies.

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