Ashton's little sister (cth)

"You don't know what love is!!!" Said Ashton screaming.

"More then you know you fucking jerk" I said.


5. eat

Michelle's P.O.V

I have honestly been so messed up after the break up with Adam. It hit me. Hard. The boys keep bothering me about it trying to make me feel better but nothing is working. Then there was a knock at my door.

"Yes" I yelled.

"Breakfast is ready please come down" asked Ashton.

"Ugh fine" I said I'm really not hungry. I sat down at the table. And there was a plate of pancakes, eggs, and bacon. They knew pancakes were my favorite but I just a wasn't feeling it.

"Please eat you haven't eaten in three days" said Calum sounding worried.

"It's not my fault I'm not hungry" I said.

"That's a lie cmon" said Michael.

"Why do you guys care if I eat or not it's not like I need food" I said.

"Did something happen" asked Luke.

"THERES NOTHING WRONG IM JUST NOT HUNGRY!" Is screamed while running to the backyard and sitting on the floor dipping my feet in the pool. Something did happen I got a text last night from I'm guessing Adam's new girlfriend and it said:

Listen you little whore Adam is done with you actually he's been cheating on you for a month with me. Don't you dare try taking him back cause he mine you little ugly fat virgin. He was only using you for sex you thought it was love oh please. He doesn't want your fat ugly ass my moms a diet expert you should give her a call.

She texted that to me the day I caught Adam cheating I knew it wasn't true and I should listen to her but it just hit me. When I was in elementary I was bullied for my weight, I basically went on a diet and was fine my high school and I was at high risk of anorexia but i still feel like I'm never good enough.

"Hey we're really sorry" said Calum walking into the backyard. I ignored him.

"Please don't ignore me" he said. I just walked away and all of a sudden I got nauseous and ran to the bathroom and puked as someone held my hair up. I started to cry.

"Hey it's gonna be okay baby girl just get some rest" said Calum he picked me up and layed me on the couch and I fell asleep.

I then woke up the boys were watching tv. I walked into the kitchen to get water.

"Hey" I said to Ashton in the kitchen.

"You look really pale" he said looking at me as I drank water.

"I'm fine" I said as I was about to open the door the room started spinning my legs gave out and I banged my head on the counter then everything went black....

When your legs don't work like they used to before🎤. I feel pretty confident about this story. Comment your thoughts and suggestions👀💖. Also like and favorite 👌🏼.

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