Ashton's little sister (cth)

"You don't know what love is!!!" Said Ashton screaming.

"More then you know you fucking jerk" I said.


33. car

Calum's P.O.V

We got a call from our manger saying we were leaving early for tour which was in three days and I still haven't found a way to tell Michelle. We were all sitting in the living room at night being bored.

"Let's play a game." suggested Michael.

"Sure" the rest of us said in unison.

"Alright let's play truth or dare" I said.

"Alright Michael truth or dare" I asked.

"Dare" he said.

"Go on the roof naked and scream a random song" I said. He ripped off his clothes on the way to the roof we chased after him, he stared singing American idiot by green day.

"Alright Michelle truth or dare" asked Louis.

"Truth" she said nervously.

"Boooo! Okay, um whose your favorite band member in the room other then your BF and bro" he said.

"Um Niall" she said smirking.

"Okay Calum truth or dare" asked Harry.

"How excited are you for tour in three days" asked Harry smirking knowing that I haven't told Michelle.

"W-what" she stuttered.

"Where leaving for tour in three day" said Luke nervously.

"And you didn't tell me you were just planning to leave me" she said while tears formed in her eyes.

"Baby no don't cry" I said.

"Let go of me" she said. She grabbed her hoodie and shoes and ran out.

"You" I pointed to Harry.

"What did I do" said Harry smirking I always knew he had something for Michelle.

"Oh you little" I pounced but the boys held me back.

"How about we go look for her" said Louis.

"Oh right" said Ash giggling.

~2 hours later~

We didn't find anything we all were just chilling at the park we basically have up. By the park there was an abulence. I wonder what happened.

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