Ashton's little sister (cth)

"You don't know what love is!!!" Said Ashton screaming.

"More then you know you fucking jerk" I said.


6. call 911

Ashton's P.O.V

I was alittle afraid for her but I just turned around and kept making my sandwich until I heard a loud bang and all I saw was my little sister laying on the floor unconscious.

"CALL 911" all the boys came running in.

"WHAT HAPPENED" yelled Michael.

"SHE FAINTED" I screamed as Luke called 911.

"She not breathing" said Calum looking at me. I grabbed her and ran outside as we heard an ambulance we handed then to her and then jumped in the car to go to the hospital.

The boys wouldn't let me drive because I was "unstable". We got to the hospital and ran in.

"Michelle Irwin!" I yelled at the lady.

"Room 226 sir and lower your voice" she said. We got to the room and all I saw was her pale self laying on a bed. I started to bawl, why do the most innocent and loving people get hurt the most.

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