Ashton's little sister (cth)

"You don't know what love is!!!" Said Ashton screaming.

"More then you know you fucking jerk" I said.


40. 3...

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Michelle's P.O.V

I ran out of the house to the pharmacy omg Ashton is going to kill me omggggg. I picked up 3 pregnancy test. I also picked up some candy and popcorn because I was craving it and why not there's never a wrong time for food. I walked into the house and started popping my popcorn and tried to stay as calm as possible, after I had all my food ready I went upstairs set everything on my bed then went to take the pregnancy test. I'm so glad I drank two bottles of water, after I peed on all three I left them on the counter and watched a movie.

~2 hours later~

I woke up and remembered I fell asleep while watching a movie and then my mind went nuts when I remembered about the pregnancy test. I ran to the bathroom and covered my eyes, I opened my eyes to see three......

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