Rants, Imagines and What Nots

Rants (Pretty Self-Explanatory)
Imagines of Whatever is requested


6. TMR Imagine (The Maze Runner)

A/N Dreamt of a RANDOM Newt imagine. Its gonna be long. Your POV: I woke with the shock of the sudden moments. I don't know how I reached here. I don't know when I reached here. Heck! I don't even know my name. The only thing I know is that I seem to be moving upwards and I have to get out of this moving contraption. No. I NEED to get out of this moving contraption. I frantically start checking the boxes that lie around me labelled WICKED and find one with a few knives (A/N : there has to be a box with knives for the Gladers or how do you think FryPan cooks or the Slicers slice? Like they cant melt metals and make knives right?) I picked up the smallest and sharpest knife within my reach just for safety measures (& I felt more secure knowing that Im armed even though I might not use it) and tuck it into the waistband of my pants. It pokes me but not hard enough to slice through my skin. As I try to stand, I fall back as the box suddenly jerks to a stop. I start mentally preparing myself for what I have to face when the top of the box seems to slide open. The light that emerges is to bright compared to what little light that surrounded the box when it was moving upwards. I look up when I stop squinting and look at the people surrounding me. All boys as far as I can see. Okay. Now Im worried. New plan. New strategy. The box bobs a little when a boy jumps me and I feel nervous. He looks at me weirdly and then states, "Its a girl." "What?" "No way" and a lot of mumbles are heard from above. I stand up and look at the boy who seems to be frozen. He has brown hair and weird Eye-Brows. He takes a step forward and by instinct, I take a step backwards. "Don't come any closer" I tell him. "What you gonna do about it? Hit me with your flimsy arms?" He says, smirking and taking another two steps closer to me. I raise my 'flimsy' hands and slap his across his face and he stumbles backwards due to the sudden attack. "Gally got hit by a girl." I hear someone sing-song above us. "Shut the Fuck up! Who are you guys? And if you don't reply he wont be the only one hit by a girl." I say in a rather demanding tone and I panic slightly but don't show it. "That's it!" The boy who was referred to as 'Gally' shouts and holds me from behind my knees and throws me over his shoulder. When he is lifted up by the other boys I take a look at my surroundings. Then I feel the hard ground hit my back. Gally had thrown me down and walked a safe distance away from me. "That's NOT how you act towards a Greenie, Gally!" A dark skinned boy orders, walking towards me. "Welcome to the glade. Im Alby. " He says to me then motions for someone else to come over. Once a tall, scraggy boy with brown eyes and dirty blond hair comes over he looks at me and tells me, "This is Newt. He'll explain everything to you." "Gally! One night in the Slammer for you!" "But she hit me first!" Gally tries to argue. "Yea. But she does not know the rules." This comment from Alby seemed to further anger Gally and he comes for me as Alby walks away from all of us. "Might as well spend another night in the Slammer!" He says before rushing towards me. I grab the boy next to me and twist his arms behind his back and hold it there, swiftly talking the knife out and gently holding it against his arm. "Don't come any forward or else pretty boy will have to suffer for your actions." Gally scoffs taking a step in front again. "Yea. You might be able to hit me but you wont actually harm anyone. Especially Newt." He says. He's right. But he does not need to know that. I slowly turn the knife and make a small and slightly deep cut on my index finger. After I do this, I slowly run the knife upon his arm. Slightly touching my index finger to the places the knife has touched, but it isn't noticeable because my finger is hidden by the knife. With my other hand, I dig my finger-nails into his skin and he flinches. "Im going back. Im going" Gally says, concern laced in his voice. "Gall-" 'Newt's' voice is heard before I cut him off "Shut Up or the cut will actually be inflicted" I whisper in his ear. "Now! Everybody shut up and listen to me!" I shout "Where are the other girls? Who are you all? Why am I here? And why can't i remember anything?" Just as I finish my little question session, Alby comes running to the sight maybe because he heard me yelling. "What's going on? Everybody leave!" He commands and the boys disperse, murmuring to themselves and to the others. "But she attacked Newt, she needs to be banished!" Gally says, staying where he is. "Gally, Don't you understand the meaning of LEAVE?" Alby shouts and Gally leaves saying something like 'slinthed' or 'shuckface' or something like that. Whatever that means. "Go get yourself cleaned up Newt" Alby says. "But Im not hurt. She didn't hurt me" Newt says after gently holding my hand and pushing it aside as I loosen my grip and tuck the slightly bloody knife in again. "Your bleeding Newt and for the harm, the Greenie will be punished." Alby says, calmer than he was before. "No. She didnt hurt me. I think she just pretended to because she was intimidated by our presence and also there is no other girl here. See?" He says rubbing off my blood off his hand, offering me a small smile. "Then wher-" Ably asks and Newt cuts him off saying,"I think she cut her hand to scare off Gally". As soon as he says this, he gingerly picks up my hand and I let him because he seems friendly. When he inspects my hand he turns to Alby,"See!" The. He turns to me, " Lets get this cleaned up without anyone knowing because I feel like some are scared of you and that is good. But mostly, I think they'll start respecting you because no-one has the guts to hit Gally" he says, chuckling. "After that take her around, answer her questions and then EXPLAIN the rules to her. We don't want a repeat of todays incident" Alby says and walks away. "I don't think we've been formally introduced. Im Newt" he says, raising his hand. I don't think hand-shakes were ever my thing and I wrap my hands around his waist. He seems to be shocked at the sudden gesture but regains his composure and lightly hugs me back. "I think my name is y/n. Im not sure" I reply. "A pretty name for a pretty girl" he says. I lightly blush and reply," Im pretty sure Im the only girl you know". "I think Minho will like you" he says with a slight hint of a smile on his face. "Wh-" I ask before he cuts me off. "Ill tell you but first lets get you patched up." he says, holding my hand and dragging me to a shack. On the way there I tell him, "You have got to stop cutting people off when they are speaking". He replies me with a chuckle and as soon as we reach the shack, he motions two boys inside to leave. Oh well.. I know he wont try anything because he knows Im armed and am not afraid to use the knife. (A/N : Part two? IDK. Comment below. Also, this is before Thomas' arrival.. And Minho is running in the Maze. Thats why he is not there. I want Gally to be a little mean because I have plans for a part two and things should change by the part three)
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