Rants, Imagines and What Nots

Rants (Pretty Self-Explanatory)
Imagines of Whatever is requested


4. Self-Harm

Ok. Im gonna be honest. I've cut before and maybe just maybe still am hurting. Im not going to tell that it gets better because I honestly don't know if it does. Im not going to tell you to stop... Because I know the feeling is addicting to know that you have control over yourself. You can't stop. But you can reduce the amount of scars on your wrist. Maybe the next time you slit, you cut one less line. I know that I purposely cut a certain number of lines, each for a certain thing or person. You understand. So maybe. You can cut a similar way and then reduce one line each time. You get me? And when your down to your last line, cut lighter than the time before, thus completely letting go of the habit. (A/N: Now! Im not saying that self-harm is good or helpful and Im definitely not promoting it. Im trying to help you and maybe myself.) Okay. That was my method. Now for THE 5SOS FAM.... There is a video on youtube, Ill put the link ====> https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=A7ttLwbIDMY (IDK how to put videos in the damn chapter. Sorry. If you can't access the link then go to YouTube and the video's name is '5 Seconds Of Summer Talking About Self Harm') Listen to them. Hear their message and still decide if you want to harm yourself. Even if it hurts your idols. Even if it makes them cry. (A/N: Even if your not in the fam I recommend to listen to this video) THE DIRECTIONERS: Ive put a picture of Niall and read the caption. Its emotional. Harry said," Its should be made a law for Niall to never cry." Seeing Niall makes every one an emotional wreck. Would you still want to see Niall cry? Again? Try the butterfly challenge. In short, its like when you want to cut, you draw a butterfly on your wrist and write the name of a person whom you love or who loves you and let it fade naturally and if you cut before, then its like your killing that person. Another way is make your friends write something they like about you in a piece of paper and collet these papers. Don't read them as of yet! Collect and put them in a Jar and when your feeling down, open one and it'll help lift your spirits. If it comes to the worst, put you blade where everyone can see it and when your feeling suicidal, and want to take the blade, its where everyone can see you take it so you can't get it. By the time you probably get your hands on it, your not feeling as sad or have completely forgotten the topic. I do this :) To let go of the frustration of the world, just listen to music at night when its dark and cry your heart out. That helps as well (A/N: If you'll want me to put up a playlist of songs you should listen to in the night, comment or send me a message if you want me to. Even if I get 1 comment or message, I'll do it) Thats all for today folks! Stay Strong Message me if you want to talk. Im here for you :) I don't know you, you don't know me. Lets make each others lives better by just having the others presence. :P I love you guys loads
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