Rants, Imagines and What Nots

Rants (Pretty Self-Explanatory)
Imagines of Whatever is requested


1. Introduction

Firstly, Sorry that I deleted the two other book but I lost all inspiration and this is the kind of thing I can keep updating. Secondly, This is originally on Wattpad but then I decided to put it here as well because I started writing here! I hate introductions but here goes : HELLO! Fellow humans and upgraded apes. I shall be ranting and posting Imagines and whatever you guys want here. Just comment. Also, request an imagine if you want one. But I don't take personal imagine request because I know its weird to read with someone else's name instead of y/n. You get me? Also, I will update whenever I can and want. Please don't force me to update. I lose interest that way. Lots of Love, Your Own Koala Bear, Ruth A. Quadros
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