The Greek Pact

In the time of the ancient Greeks, the rule of gods and goddesses was undoubted, but as time has gone on, the more the unearthly rulers and their epic abilities seem to be legends. In the age of modern technology and science, realism is preferred widely over mysticism. Yet the gods and goddess are real, and as the people of the world lose faith in their existence, their power starts to dwindle.

To save himself and his fellow gods from being forgotten completely, Zeus, the king of Olympus, enlists the help of a very select group of demigods. These demigods, called the Protectorate of the Divine, were chosen to reinstate the reign of the Greek gods. A majority of demigods will never find a place on the Protectorate, and young Arian Delatorre, daughter of Hecate- goddess of magic, witchcraft, ghosts, and the undead- has been told again and again she could never be a Protector.

Ari despises the haughty Protectorate and sees no reason why they should be superior to the rest of her kind. When she is forced to team up with the Protectorate and a ragtag group of your "average" demigods, saving their celestial parents from becoming nothing but a dream becomes the least of their problems.

The Greek Pack-- Book One-- A Protectorate of the Divine (POD) novel


1. Prologue

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