My one and only.

Lilly is a normal 17 year old girl who moves to Australia from America.
She meets the Janoskians.
Who will she fall for.
Who will fall for her.


8. ~chapter 8~

I hadn't talked to Luke since Saturday and today was Monday. Beau and I had been texting heaps. I was getting ready for school when my phone rang.

Beau: Hey Lilly, do you want me to drive ya to school.

Me: Yeas please, see you soon.

I walked downstairs and grabbed some cereal. After about 10 minutes I heard beau. I walked outside and just to my luck Luke was in the car as well. I didn't even think about it and just rode shotgun next to beau. We got to school and I jumped out of the car and walked into school. Then I felt my phone vibrate.

Luke: Lilly please, just forgive me your my one and only.

Me:Luke I can't just forgive you that easy.

Luke: Well let me prove it to you, I'll tell you in English.

Math went past and English was next I don't no why but I was really nervous. I mean it was only Luke I had never been like this around him before. I walked cautiously into English and looked around for Luke, who like always wasn't here yet. When I felt someone whisper "hey baby girl" in my ear. I could almost straight away tell it was Luke.

"What" I turned around and saw him sitting there.

"Well tonight I am going to take you to a place, and I am going to hope you fall all over again, oh and wear something nice. He replied with a smirk.

I just turned around and wanted this day to be over. I don't no why but I was really excited but I shouldn't be, after what he's done. The day went quick and beau drove me home with Luke.

Luke's P.O.V

The day was over and beau, Lilly and I all got into the car. We pulled up at Lilly's house and Lilly and I both got out of the car. I grabbed her by the wrist and pushed her up against the wall and started making out with her after she pulled away I whispered in her ear "be ready by 6". With that she ran inside.

Lilly's P.O.V

I got out of the car and was about to walk inside when I felt someone grab my wrist. Next thing I no I am being kissed by Luke. "Be ready by 6" he whispered in my ear I ran inside. I walked upstairs and went on my laptop.

Considering it was only 4 I sat upstairs and watched YouTube videos for about 1 hour. It was now 5 so I got up of my bed and went for a shower. I got out and curled my hair, put on some makeup and got dressed.

Tonight I was wearing a black, lace dress that went to about mid thigh I put on my black heels and waited for Luke. I heard his car pull up the driveway. I grabbed my phone and walked out the door. I got into his car and we left.

"Princess, you look gorgeous tonight, perfection" he said with a smile on his face.

"You don't look too bad yourself" I replied, returning the smile.

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