My one and only.

Lilly is a normal 17 year old girl who moves to Australia from America.
She meets the Janoskians.
Who will she fall for.
Who will fall for her.


6. ~chapter 6~

It's been 2 months since Luke and I started dating and everything has been fine, no fights or anything. Beep my phone

James: hey lil, the boys and I are having a party tonight wanna come?

Me: yeah sure...theme?

James:Favourite superhero

Me: ok see you later

I ran downstairs to Luke. "What are you going as to the party" I asked really excited. "Batman, what about you" "Cat women" I replied nearly screaming. The party was in an two hours so Luke took me down to the mall to get clothes.

I came back with a tight black leather suit, some black cat ears and a black mask, I already had black leather boots. Once we got home I went upstairs with Luke to get ready. He put on his clothes and I took of my clothes, Luke helped me get changed, I put on heaps of makeup and it was nearly time to go. I grabbed my phone, some more makeup and some makeup remover.

Jai was dressed as superman and beau was dressed as Spider-Man. We all jumped in the car, ready to go. Beau drove, jai rode shot gun and Luke and I were in the back. I had my head on his chest and he had his arms around my waist.

We drove for around 10 minutes when we pulled up to a street full of cars. We parked and walked to the house, when we got inside the whole place was just filled with sweaty, drunk people. Summah and beau were kissing almost straight away. Jai was chatting up this girl and like and I were with James.

I had only had a few drinks and I had already lost Luke, when all of a sudden I look over and there he is fucking making out with summah. Next thing I no I am crying and running outside.

Luckily no one was outside so I could cry all I want. I thought Luke was my one and only I mumbled to myself. "Hey Lilly are you okay" I hear a voice from behind me. "Yeah I am fine" not even bothering to see who it was. Then this mystery guys came and sat down with his arms around my waist.

I turned around and it was beau for some reason I was really happy to see him. " Why are you crying" he asked

"Luke... He...don't worry" I replied almost bursting into tears.

"What the fuck did he do lil" he said starting to get angry.

"I...saw him... With summah... Kissing" I replied put this time bursting into tears.

"Are you fucking serious" he replied really seriously

We both stood up and we hugged for about 5 minutes. " I-I can't believe he would even do this to me" I said "Mean either" he replied.

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