My one and only.

Lilly is a normal 17 year old girl who moves to Australia from America.
She meets the Janoskians.
Who will she fall for.
Who will fall for her.


5. ~chapter 5~

It was 10 pm and I was bored so I decided to text Luke.

Me: Hey

Luke: Hey babe, what's up x

Me: Nothing, just wanted to talk to you

Luke: aww haha that's cute, do we have any classes together xxx

Me: yeah math, English and P.E

Luke: coolies 😘

Me: okay well anyways I am gonna go, bye xx

Luke: bye my princess xx

I loved it when Luke would call me his princess, we have only known each other for like 2 weeks but I really liked him a lot.

The school week went fast, nothing exciting like normal.

Beep... My phone

Summah: hey lilly, wanna hang out today.

Me: yeah sure, what do you wanna do.

Summah: umm I don't no, I'll just come to yours in like 10.

Me: okay, see you soon.

I got dressed into my ripped, skinny jeans and a tank top. I put on my make up. Then there was a ring at the door. "Lilly your friends here" Zac screamed from downstairs. I walked downstairs and straight out the front door leading her to her car.

"Hey so what are we gonna do" she asked

"We could go see a movie" I replied

"Yeah what do you wanna see"

"I don't care"

Beep. Beep. My phone

Luke: hey babe wanna hang out today x

Me: well I am going to the movies with summah x

Luke: yeah can we come I'll bring beau for summah xx

Me: YEP sure I'll meet you there soon x

"Summah do you care if Luke and beau come to the movies with us" I asked

"Nah that's fine, but who are they" she replied

"Just some friends"

We arrived at the movies to see that beau and Luke were already there. Beau could not stop staring. "Beau your staring" I said while laughing. Summah was going red. "Oh sorry" he said and turned away. Luke grabbed my hand and we made our way into the movies. "Lilly come to the bathroom with me" summah asked. I walked out of the cinema and summah was dying to say something. "What" I said. "You didn't tell me beau was fucking hot" "sorry"

"Oh and are you and Luke dating" she questioned

"No" I replied while blushing

"Do you like him"


"Lilly I have to get you's together" she almost screamed.

With that we walked back into the movies and sat down with the boys. I was sitting with Luke and summah with beau. Half way through the movie they were literally all over each other. Luke and I could not stop Laughing.

I had now known the boys for 5 weeks and I don't exactly no what me and Luke are. So I built up the courage to ask him.

We were driving home from the movies when summah asked if Luke could drop her home. "Summah could I get your number" beau asked. "Yeah sure" she replied

She gave him her number and she left.

We got to Luke's house and I led him up to his room. "Luke I need to ask you something" "yeah, what's up babe"he replied."What are we" I asked quietly. "Um I don't no, what are we" he replied. I looked down at his bed then suddenly we were kissing yet again.

"That's what we are" he then replied. We then kissed again. And he led me downstairs.

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