My one and only.

Lilly is a normal 17 year old girl who moves to Australia from America.
She meets the Janoskians.
Who will she fall for.
Who will fall for her.


4. ~chapter 4~

The next morning I wake up to Luke poking me. "Get up you sleepy head" he said.

"Luke I am up" I replied while laughing.

"What is for breakfast" I asked

"I don't no lets go see" he replied. Next thing I no I am on Luke's back and he is taking me down the stairs. Almost straight away I could smell pancakes. I jumped of his back and went straight for the food. "Someone's hungry" jai laughed.

After breakfast Luke asked what we would do today. "OHHHH can we pretty please go to the skate park please" I replied with puppy dog eyes. "Uh yeah sure I'll just grab my board" Luke replied as well with jai and beau.

"But first we need to go home to get my board and I need to get changed" I replied. The boys drove me home. Beau and jai stayed in the car while Luke and I went upstairs. I grabbed my black ripped denim shorts, a Nike shirt and my vans. I did my make up and then grabbed my board.

"Luke why am I so ugly today" I asked while walking out of my bathroom.

"What... Did you actually just say that to me" he asked really serious.

"Sorry" I replied at little scared.

"Yeah you should be because you are far from ugly" he replied with a smile.

I put on my shoes and he's kissing me again. But this time I had my arms around his neck and his arms were around my waist. After about 10 seconds I pulled away. "Luke, what was that for"

"I... Sorry..." He replied.

"I like kissing you" I said with a smile on my face." I like kissing you too" he replied.

We walked down stairs and back to the car." What took you guys so long" beau questioned " They were probably fucking" jai said sarcastically.

I could feel my cheeks burning. But Luke didn't say anything and we drove to the skate park. Once we got there I grabbed my board and went to sit down. Luke and jai were skating and beau was with me.

"Lil, come on" Luke yelled

So I went down to him and started skating. I am guessing beau and jai doubted me about skating but you no I was pretty good. "Girl can skate" beau yelled out to Luke. "Yeah and she is good" Luke replied.

After 2 hours we headed home. Luke dropped me home. "Lil, text me later ok" "okay"

And with that he left.

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