My one and only.

Lilly is a normal 17 year old girl who moves to Australia from America.
She meets the Janoskians.
Who will she fall for.
Who will fall for her.


3. ~chapter 3~

The school week was boring, nothing major happened, well I did meet a new friend, I guess, well her name is Summah and she is super pretty and nice and yeah.

Luke and I are way closer, he's come over a few times during the week but apart from that I have seen him at school.

Beep. My phone

Luke: Hey lil, wanna hang out today x

Me: Sure what are we doing x

Luke: Dont worry, just be ready by 12:00 x

I got in the shower, washed my hair, then I put on my makeup.

It was 11:30 so Luke should be her soon. I go dressed into my black skinny jeans and my nirvana shirt. I put in my nose ring , which Luke has no idea I have, and added a red beanie to complete my look.

Beep beep beep.

It was Luke, I ran downstairs said bye to mum, dad and Zac and ran out the door. Luke got out to open my door, ohh what a gentlemen haha. Oh and he was looking fine as fuck today.

We got into the car and started driving down the street.

"Lil you look gorgeous" Luke said while smiling at me

"Haha thanks well anyways where are we going" I replied

"It's a surprise" he replied with a smirk

"Ohh but Luke you no I hate surprises" I said and pouted my lip.

But he just ignored me and turned the radio up.

After about 10 minutes we finally got to our destination. We were at a skating rink. "Luke I have no idea how to skate"

"It's ok babe I'll teach you" he replied with a little smirk

Babe... It made my stomach fill with butterflies and I could tell my face was going red.

"Haha what's up, do you like it when I call you babe"

I got out of the car and started walking to the rink. Luke came up behind me and picked me up bridal style.

"Luke put me down" I screamed

"NOPE only if you admit you love it when I call you babe" he replied.

"Okay whatever I love it when you call me babe" I replied while laughing

Luke put me down, and next thing I no my lips are against his.

Luke's P.O.V

"Ok I love it when you call me babe" she replied

I don't no what came over me but I had to kiss her. I put her on the ground and next thing I no we are kissing. We stayed like this for about 10 seconds when she pulled away.

"Why did you kiss me?" She questioned me

"Sorry, I had to" I replied I could feel my cheeks burning up.

Lilly's P.O.V

He kissed me holy shit I didn't feel sparks I felt fucking fireworks. " why did you kiss me" I asked him

"Sorry, I had to" is all he said

With that we walked inside his arm around my shoulders.

We had been skating for about 2 hours now and Luke's help was doing nothing. I had already fallen over like three million times. I think ice skating was just his excuse for holding my hand and putting his hands around my waist.

It was time to go and it was already 4 so we decided to go and get some food. "What do you want" Luke asked me

"Ugh I don't care to be honest" I replied

"How about McDonald's"


We pulled up at McDonald's about half and hour later and we ordered what we wanted. We sat down and ate our food then left.

"Do you wanna come back to ours or we can go back to yours" he asked

"Uh yours cause my dad would never let you stay haha" I replied laughing. We pulled up at Luke's about 10 minutes later. He led me up to the door hand in hand. The boys were sitting in the couch playing Xbox games and didn't even bother to look at me.

I turned around and next thing I no I am being smothered by beau and jai. "Hello to you guys too" I said while laughing

I sat down in the couch and played Fifa and more before I knew it was 7.

"Hey lil, do you wanna stay here tonight" Luke asked

"Uh YEP I'll just text my mum"

Me: Hey mum can I stay over a friends house tonight x

Mum: Yep sure babe x

"Hey babe, do u wanna get changed" Luke asked

I nodded in agreement and I followed him up stairs. He chucked me one of his shirts which was about 10x bigger then me it went to mid thigh. So I just wore that.

We went back down stairs and all I could hear was whistling and clapping. "Why" I asked "Because you look hot in Luke's clothes" beau answered. I could feel my cheeks going red. So I just sat down.

"What do you guys want for dinner" Luke asked

"I don't care" I replied but jai and beau screamed "PIZZA"

So Luke got his phone and ordered 3 pizzas. Within 10 minutes the pizza had come. Jai and beau were acting like 3 year olds the whole time. After we finished the pizza we watched paranormal activity 4. "Luke I hate scary movies" I said just as the movie was starting. "It's okay babe" he replied

Throughout the movie Luke had his arm around my waist and I had my head buried in his chest. Once the movie had finished. Luke led me upstairs and into his room. I laid down on his bed and was just about to drift of to sleep when "goodnight my princess" Luke had whispered in my ear. With that I fell asleep.

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