My one and only.

Lilly is a normal 17 year old girl who moves to Australia from America.
She meets the Janoskians.
Who will she fall for.
Who will fall for her.


2. ~chapter 2~

"Lilly, get the fuck up" I hear Zac screaming at me.

I get up out of the seat and head out of the plane.

I grab my bags and we jumped into our car. We then arrived at this big house. "Here it is" dad said. This was actually amazing.

"Lilly, your room is upstairs to the left"

"Ok thanks mum"I replied while kissing her on the cheek. I go upstairs, to the left and holy fuck my room is massive.

I put my bags down, laid on my bed, which was somehow already in my room, and straight away I fell asleep.

~•the next morning•~

I wake up to my alarm blaring in my ears. SHIT we have school today. I get up out of bed and go for a shower. I get dressed into my black, ripped skinny jeans and my white tank top. I straighten my hair, put on the usual makeup and go down stairs.

"Morning sleepyhead" Zac said with a smile.

He was obviously excited for school.

I grab some toast, my bag and head out the door for school. Zac comes racing behind me.

He is 17 but he acts like a bloody 6 year old.

"If anyone fucking picks on you today, call me straight away" Zac says really serious.

I can't help but laugh "ok I promise" I say back while hitting him playfully.

I love how he is so like protective of me.

We finally get into the school gates, and we head straight to the office to grab our timetables and shit.

"Lilly and Zac Vella" said an old lady at the front desk.

"YEP that's us" I replied with a smile.

She handed us two pieces of paper with our timetables on them.

"I'll just get someone to show you guys to your classes" the old lady told us

Next minute a tall and very handsome boy came in.

"Hey I'm beau, beau brooks"he said with the cockiest smile ever.

"Hey I'm lilly, lilly Vella and this is my brother Zac"I replied with a smile.

"Well I guess I will be your guide today" he said with a laugh.

"Are you guys twins" beau asked

"Ah yeah is it really that obvious" I replied with a laugh.

"That's sick I have two younger brothers and there twins I'll introduce you to them after period 1" Beau replied.

We made our way to our first class who I luckily had with beau. We sat down and he started asking me all these questions.

"So lilly where are you from"


"How old are you"

"17 how about you"

"Ohh same haha well what made you guys come to Australia"

"My dad, he got moved out here from America for his job"

"Oh yeah well how are you liking school in Australia so far"

"It alright, much different for America though"


There's the bell...

Beau and I walked out of class and were almost immediately met by Zac.

We walked outside and sat on the grass. We then were met by four more boys I could straight away tell who the twins were.

"Lilly, Zac this is JAI and Luke my brothers and our best friends skip and James" Beau said

"Hey I'm Lilly " I told all of them"

"Luke your fucking staring" beau yelled at him

"Oh shit sorry, Lilly but your fucking gorgeous" Luke replied

"Luke close your mouth you'll catch flies" I replied with a smirk on my face

"Smartass, I love you, your my new best friend" jai laughed.

After school that day Luke and beau drove Zac and I home.

"You guys can come in if you want" I asked politely

"Uhh yeah sure" beau replied

We walked in and straight upstairs not even saying hi to mum or dad.

We went into my room and sat on the bed, just talking about stuff,

Beep... My phone

It's a message from Zac

Zac: hey don't really like the boys haha gonna go down to the shops.

Me: ok I'll see you later

I grabbed my laptop and asked the boys if they wanted to watch a few YouTube videos.

"Oi lilly look up JANOSKIANS that's our YouTube channel" Luke told me

"Ahaha ok what sort of videos do you upload"

"Just like fail videos, pranks that type of stuff"

I searched it up and watch about three of their videos and oh my god these boys are HALARIOUS.

"Hey lilly we better get going see you tomorrow" Beau said.

Beau left and Luke stayed up stairs with me he handed me his phone and I put my number in.

Luke: Hey add my number. Xxx

Me: haha thanks. X

After they left it was already 7 so I got into the shower and went down stairs for dinner. After I went back up stairs scrolled through my Instagram feed and then jumped back onto my laptop and secretly watched the rest of their videos.

The boys were really nice...

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