My one and only.

Lilly is a normal 17 year old girl who moves to Australia from America.
She meets the Janoskians.
Who will she fall for.
Who will fall for her.


11. ~chapter 11~

It's been 2 months and Luke and I have been looking for an apartment. I woke up this morning to Luke just sitting staring at me. "Why are you sitting there" I asked

"Lilly, we got the apartment" he replied really excitedly.

"Are you kidding me" I got up and hugged him for ages.

We walked down stairs and told the boys our news. They were surprisingly really sad but also really excited for us.

Luke took me home to get my things for our apartment.

I took most of my clothes, my makeup just the major things.

Mum and dad were really happy I was happy and that I was moving out.

Zac was sad.

We went to the apartment to drop of our stuff of and the paint.

We went back to the house to grab beau and jai to help us paint the walls of the apartment.

We spent 4 hours painting.

After the four hours were up the place looked amazing. It was white and blue. Beau helped us put in the bed and other things in the room.

By the time we were finished it was about 8:00pm. Beau and jai went home and Luke and I were about to go to bed.

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