My one and only.

Lilly is a normal 17 year old girl who moves to Australia from America.
She meets the Janoskians.
Who will she fall for.
Who will fall for her.


10. ~chapter 10~

"Morning beautiful" I hear a tired voice say from behind me.

"Morning" I reply

"Last night was..."

"Was... What" I asked

"Don't worry... Do you forgive me" he asked

"Um I don't know do I" I leant down and kissed him.

He just smiled. I got up and got dressed and then we left the hotel.

We got into the car and we left to go to back to Luke's house.

We pulled up and I walked inside.

"Lilly" Beau said as he pulled me into the kitchen.

"Yeas" I replied

"Did you"

"Did I what..."

"Fuck Luke" he asked

"Shhhh" I replied as I led Luke up the stairs to his room.

Luke had a smile on his face. "Why the smile" I asked.

After I finished my sentence he pushed me up against the wall and started kissing me.

I just smiled and asked if he could drop me of at my house. "NOPE" he half yelled.

"Why not" I asked

"Because I love you" he smiled.

"I love you too" I laughed.

We went back downstairs and watch TV with the others. Beau made dinner and we watched movies all night.

Luke and I went upstairs to bed.

"I love you my princess"he whispered in my ear.

Then I fell asleep.

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