The Freedom Journal

This is my journal/diary entry for the diary contest. Some things may be sad, but most of it will be happy. I might even put a few secrets in this. Read to find out. I hope you enjoy


2. September 4, 2015

Dear Freedom Journal,

     Today was. . .odd. It's hard to explain. My friends, Nina, Lisa, Julia, and Tyra were fun today. At lunch, we all got into this big slapping fight. It was pretty funny. Lisa was slapping my hand hard, but it made me laugh. I don't know why. I just laughed every time she slapped my hand. Obviously I have issues. That's really all for school.

       I'm at my stepdad's house now. My mom and I arrived at about seven. We went out for Mexican. It was okay. I didn't really talk a lot. I don't really feel like I fit in with them. It's kind of stinks. My brother, Jack, was with us. He's annoying. I don't like him at all. It's a long story on why I don't like him. I'll have to tell you that tomorrow.

         Well, I'm going to end this entry for now. Sorry it wasn't long. Whoops. Any who, good night, Freedom Journal. Thanks! Bye!

                             Yours forever,


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