I Missed You. (C.H. Fanfic.)

"Honey guess who's coming home.?" My mom said excitedly.
"Mom if you say Calum I don't give two shit." I said crossing my arms.
"Language young lady. And I thought you would be happy to see Calum you guys have been best friends since you two could talk." She said drying her hands with a rag.
"Well he's been gone for 2 years not bothering to contact me. So I don't care about the guy anymore." I said going up to my room.


8. Pigeon.?

Calum's (P.O.V)

     I smiled down at Natalie as she had her arms wrapped around my neck. "I've missed you Hood. It's not everyday I met a guy like you." She smiles at me.

"Well I'm here now." I say moving a piece of hair behind her ear.

I look up seeing Jade in her board staring at me and Natalie.

"Pigeon.?" I ask letting go of Natalie and walking over to her. She shook her head about to skate away as I ran to her. "Jade wait.!" I say taking a grip on her forearm.

"Let go of me Thomas." She said annoyed. She's never said my name only if she was beyond mad.

"Jade please let me talk to you." I beg.

"Why don't you go back to your little girlfriend." She said turning around.

"She's not my girlfriend Jay. She's just and old friend." I say lifting her chin up with my index finger.

"Yeah sure ok." I said rolling her eyes.

"Why would you care if she was my girlfriend or not.?" I smirk crossing my arms.

"I don't you can date who ever yo-" I cut her off by leaning down to kiss her she was taken off guard but she surprisingly kissed me back.

I wrapped my arms around her waist as she wrapped hers around my neck.

I pulled away looking at her. "You're all I've ever wanted pigeon."

She smiled softly "how about now.?" She asked.

I nod "I still do."

She smiled going on her tippy toes leaning up to kiss me once more. I smile into the kiss.

She pulled away "So now what.?"

"I would like to take you on a date." I smiled.

"I'll love that." She smiled back at me.

"It's a date."

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