I Missed You. (C.H. Fanfic.)

"Honey guess who's coming home.?" My mom said excitedly.
"Mom if you say Calum I don't give two shit." I said crossing my arms.
"Language young lady. And I thought you would be happy to see Calum you guys have been best friends since you two could talk." She said drying her hands with a rag.
"Well he's been gone for 2 years not bothering to contact me. So I don't care about the guy anymore." I said going up to my room.


7. No I Don't.

Jade's (P.O.V)

    I felt the breeze go through my hair as I skated down the street. I don't know why Calum would just use my dad just to get to me. I rolled my eyes as I got to Abby's house. I jumped off my board as I see Abby playing basketball with her big brother Ashton.

"Oo Ash tricks Abby as he runs to the basket." I hear Ashton say as he ran down the court and makes it in. "And the crowd goes wild.!" He laughs.

"Watch ima get you one of these days." Abby smirks.

"Whatever you say sis." He sees me walking over as he smiles. "Hey Jay."

"Hey Ash beat her one on one again huh." I chuckle.

"Shut up Jade." Abby laughs. "So what's up." She says walking over to me.

"Well Calum came by today." I say annoyed.

       "Again.?" Abby says grabbing her water bottle.

        I nod as she took a sip. "I think it's time to forgive him Jay it's been a week."

        "Yeah well a week can't change 2 years of friendship." I sighed.

       "To be honest Jay Calum knows he messed up. He didn't know the tour was gonna be that long. He wouldn't stop talking about you ever since he came back." Ashton says walking to us.

      "Well why didn't he call or write me." I say putting my skateboard on the fresh grass.

      "He couldn't he knew it would've hurt you. He tried coming home but they won't let us." He said with half a smile.

       "Are you sure there isn't something else you're not saying." Abby smirks.

       "No Abby." I say rolling my eyes.

       "Ooo Jade has a crush." Abby giggles.

       "Awwwe." Ash laughed.

       "Stop I don't like Calum." I say not sure if I believed myself.

       "Oh cmon Jay admit it. Cuz you guys would've had up by now 3 days tops but if it's more than a week there's something else." Abby smiles crossing her arms.

      I roll my eyes. "I gotta go." I say grabbing my board and placing it on the street before getting on and pushing myself down the quiet street.

Maybe I do like Calum that's why it's been bugging. I try pushing him away cuz I don't wanna fall for my best well ex best friend. I sighed no knowing I was skating down Calum's block. Well I think I should just tell him.

     I skate down but stopped at my tracks as I see Calum all over another girl.

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