I Missed You. (C.H. Fanfic.)

"Honey guess who's coming home.?" My mom said excitedly.
"Mom if you say Calum I don't give two shit." I said crossing my arms.
"Language young lady. And I thought you would be happy to see Calum you guys have been best friends since you two could talk." She said drying her hands with a rag.
"Well he's been gone for 2 years not bothering to contact me. So I don't care about the guy anymore." I said going up to my room.


10. Looking good.

Jade's (P.O.V)

"She takes the risk and steals the ball and it surly paid off." I say as i dribbled the ball around Abby and shooting it into the basket making it in.

"And the crowd goes yelled." I smile mocking a crowds cheer.

"Bitch." Abby chuckled with her hands on her hips.

"Don't hate the player hate the game." I smirk.

She playful rolls her eyes rubbing the sweat off her forehead with the back of her hand.

"Looking good babe." I hear a familiar voice say from behind me.

"I know right." I joke turning around facing Calum as the rest of the guys were behind him.

"Hey Ab." Cal smiled.

"Hey Bass." She says as Ash runs and takes the ball off the floor and starts playing with Abby."Oh not this time bro." Abby says as she blocked Ash from shooting.

"Damn I didn't know you played basketball." Luke chuckled.

"I started playing last year." I nod.

"That's awesome." Michael said watching Emma and Ashton play.

"So what are you guys doing here." I ask turning to Calum.

"What a guy can't come and say hey to his hot basketball star girlfriend.?" Calum smiles about to wrap his arm around me.

"I'm sweating." I giggle stopping him.

"Do I give two shit." He says wrapping his arms around me.

"Apparently not." I giggle.

"You guys are so cute.....fuck you." Michael says crossing his arms.

Calum laughs resting his chin on my head.

"Oooh and she dunks the drummer." I hear Abby say as the ball went in the basket.

"Nice one sis." Ashton says.

"Nah I'm not your 'sis' on this court cmon super star." Abby laughs bouncing the ball to Ashton. When it comes to sports Abby is all in she doesn't care if you're brothers friends family she plays to win.

"I'm gonna make you eat your words senior." Ashton smirks.

"We'll see." Abby smiles.

"Soo we're planning on going to the carnival tonight. When come." Calum smiles down at me.

"I'll love to." I smile before leaning up to kiss his lips.

"Ewwww." Luke and Michael whim before turning around.

I blush before burying my face into Calum's chest.

"We don't complain with you and Abby now so we." Calum tells Luke.

"That's different." Luke chuckles.

"HA.!" We turn our heads to see a sad Ash and a big smile on Abby's face.

"Guessing she won." I chuckle.

They walk over to us with Ashton holding the ball between his wrist and hip.

"Hey babe." Abby says before pecking Luke's lips.

"Hey." Luke smiles.

"Okok enough with the lovey dovey stuff girls get ready....we're going to the carnival." Michael cheers.

We cheer with him before me and Ab walk off the the locker rooms.

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