I Missed You. (C.H. Fanfic.)

"Honey guess who's coming home.?" My mom said excitedly.
"Mom if you say Calum I don't give two shit." I said crossing my arms.
"Language young lady. And I thought you would be happy to see Calum you guys have been best friends since you two could talk." She said drying her hands with a rag.
"Well he's been gone for 2 years not bothering to contact me. So I don't care about the guy anymore." I said going up to my room.


3. I didn't mean to.

Jade's (P.O.V)

    "You left me all alone Calum. For 2 whole years." I said resting my head on my knees.

     "I know love, but I didn't mean to." He said kneeling down to grab my hand.

"You didn't huh. That's bullshit.! You didn't even come to say goodbye Calum and you thinking wondering yourself back into my life is ok.?" I said raising my voice.

"Pigeon I-" I cut him off.

"Don't you Pigeon me. You think using that name would get me to believe you.? Well think again." I said pushing him out my room.

"Jade please. I really wanna fix things with you I didn't wanna ruin it." He said stopping me from closing the door.

"You had 2 fucking years to fix it Calum. I'm not forgiving you. You were NEVER my best friend." I said finally shutting the door.

I sighed as I grabbed a pillow throwing it at my night stand knocking things over. I leaned against the wall sliding down before touching the floor. I hugged my knees burying my head into them

"Things are going to be ok baby girl."

"Oh dad. I wish you were here with me." I said before crying harder.

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