I Missed You. (C.H. Fanfic.)

"Honey guess who's coming home.?" My mom said excitedly.
"Mom if you say Calum I don't give two shit." I said crossing my arms.
"Language young lady. And I thought you would be happy to see Calum you guys have been best friends since you two could talk." She said drying her hands with a rag.
"Well he's been gone for 2 years not bothering to contact me. So I don't care about the guy anymore." I said going up to my room.


4. How did that turn out.

Jade's (P.O.V)

*next day*

"Wow so he actually just showed up at your house thinking you'll just forgive him." My best friend Abby said walking to school with me.

"Yeah he's lost he's mind if he thought I'll do that." I said scrolling through my phone.

"I mean you guys have been close since you were kids. I would never see you without Calum. You guys did everything together." Abby said.

"Yeah well 2 years can change things." I said locking my phone and placing it in my back pocket.

"True. Do you think he'll keep asking for forgiveness." She said as we approached the school.

"Hope not I mean I made it clear to him I didn't wanna talk." I said looking over at him.

"You sure." Abby said pointing at the entrance of the school.

I looked over seeing Calum, Michael ,Luke, and Ashton. "You have got to be keeping me." I said to myself. "Ok don't make eye contact I don't want him to see me." I said walking after into the school.

"Pigeon.?" I heard Calum say which made me walk faster opening the school doors.

"Well at least he didn't see you." Abby chuckled walking our way to our lockers.

"Yeah yeah." I said rolling my eyes.

I opened my locker looking for my history book. As I was about to grab it my locker closed shut making me jump.

"So you're idea is trying to ignore me.?" Calum said leaning on my locker.

"Get off my locker." I said through my teeth.

"You've changed Jade. You've pierced your nose and bellybutton. You dyed your ends sliver." He said taking a stream of my hair in his hand.

"2 years can chance a person. You should know that." I said removing my hair out his hand and reopening my locker.

"Jade please I said I was sorry. I didn't want to hurt you." He said trying to look at me in the eyes.

"Really.?" I said looking over at him.

"Yes really." He said walking closer to me.

"How did that turn out for you.?" I said shutting my locker before pushing past him walking to history with Abby.

"He's not gonna give up Jay." Abby said to me.

"I know." I said walking into class.

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