Through Wolf's Eyes

Follow us as a little girl finds out who she truly is. Raised by wolves after a World War with wolves, she is stuck with a choice. Will she travel a life-changing route to change her fate? Will she survive? Will she see the world through her eyes, or wolves?


1. Prolougue

Brook’s pov.


          My nose burned through the chalky air, unable to move in my wrappings. I tried to reach out a hand wailing for someone. Growls and stern yips answered my call. Slightly startled, I cried, hearing more breathing in the harsh air. A wet, cold object nudged me. I wailed louder, my throat burning. I hoped someone would come and save me from this monster. My cries ceased as I was suddenly suspended in the air. A few pleasing growls erupted around me. I felt myself swing from side to side as I was flying away.

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