Through Wolf's Eyes

Follow us as a little girl finds out who she truly is. Raised by wolves after a World War with wolves, she is stuck with a choice. Will she travel a life-changing route to change her fate? Will she survive? Will she see the world through her eyes, or wolves?


2. Ch.1

Mulch’s pov.


          Mulch watched as the 3 year old girl waddled over to her so called father. His brownish-black coat bristled at the thought. He was one of the wolves to challenge the Alpha’s command of taking in the girl that survived the massacre. Of course after being beaten to a pulp he was humiliated. His tattered ear flicked, he didn’t like Brook, not one bit. The way she waddled, the way she talked and the entire essence of annoying. Mulch treated Brook with very little respect, but that didn’t keep Brook from visiting her favorite wolf every day.


          Mulch whipped his head around to see Brook yanking slightly on his tail. Mulch was so deep in his thought didn’t notice that Brook had made her way over.

          “Munchy!” Brook yanked on his tail again. He growled slightly showing his teeth and flattening his ears. In hopes to scare the child away. “It’s Mulch, now go to your…mother.” Brook just smiled, climbing onto Mulch’s back.

          “Ok, Munchy.” She squeaked.

Mulch bit back a retort. “What do you need, squirt.” Brook giggled pulling his scruff. It was strange to the pack at first, but as they soon found out, she wanted to ride their backs. Lots of wolves refused to let her ride, due to the fact it wasn’t natural. Though that didn’t last long. Soon everyone was giving Brook rides. Mulch grunted refusing to get up. Brook pulled his scruff again, a little harder. Mulch still refusing to move, ignoring the 3 year old. Brook yanked harder.

          “Munchy, please.” Mulch eyes locked with Brook’s father, the beta. He silently cursed under his breath. He slowly stood up, wincing as Brook dug her tiny fists into his back. Mulch started to trot around the camp. Brook giggled and smiled. “Faster! Faster!”

          “I’m too old to be playing with pups.” Mulch muttered, too soft for Brook to hear.


Rush’s pov.

          Rush, the alpha, narrowed his eyes as Mulch refused to give Brook a ride. He gave a slight nod of approval as Mulch reluctantly stood up. He turned away, padding towards a group of deltas for patrol sorting. He gave a respectful nod and made his way to a patch of shade on the side of the clearing. A knowing feeling started to grow in his stomach. Thoughts raced through his mind. Contrary to what the pack thought, Rush was skeptical about keeping the girl. In fact he thought he should have just left the child. But something about the girl told him not to leave her to die. It was pretty easy to convince her that she was a wolf. Thought it’s getting harder and harder to explain to the pups.

          “You’re thinking again.” Rush turned his head to see his mate, Willow, beside him.

          “So what if I am?” He chuckled. Willow giggled slightly, her tinted grey fur glimmering in the sun. Silence followed, Rush look as Brook was laughing on Mulches back. Willow followed his gaze and smirked before calling, “You two look so cute together!” A bunch of growls and muttering answered. Rush chuckled. The two sat next to each other as the sun made its way across the sky.


Bella’s pov

          Bella yawned as the sun set high above her. Her grey and black fur was groomed. She smiled as her two full grown sons set out or the sun-high patrol. She stretched, looking around and spotted a pup that sat in front of her. “Yes sweetie?”

          The pup cocked his head to the side, “Why is Brook still a pup? Her den mates are already deltas.” Bella’s breath hitched in her throat.

          “Well, she is developing slowly. Just give her time, she will grow.” Bella smiled weakly. She had been through this routine many times, being Brook’s foster mother. She said the same story, over and over again. Each time getting harder to explain without confused looks and suspicious glares.

          The pup thought for a moment before asking again, “Ok, but why is sh-” The pup’s words were cut off by his mother.

          “Ari! It’s time for your nap!” His mother called,

          “But Mom!” The pup started to protest.

          “No buts, it is time for your nap and that’s final.” The mother said sternly.

          “Ok, bye Bella!” Ari called, trotting towards his mom.

Bella watch as the little too curious pup disappeared into the nursery. She gave a nice big sigh of relief. ‘This is getting harder and harder, as time goes on it is harder and harder to convince others.’ She thought. She shook her head. She shakily stood up as she strolled out of camp. She padded through the dense forest, listening to for sounds. Bella padded to the end of her pack’s territory. She stared out into the land of her rivals and the unknown. She breathed deeply, turning around and breaking into a run as she headed back to camp.

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