The Choices We Make (Seth Clearwater Love Story)

Jade swan loves her sister, but hates her choices. Like how she went to save Edward. So when her sister gets back from saving Edward she decides to help Bella realize that she loves Jacob. Along the way Jade falls in love with Seth clearwater.


8. Chapter 8

He calls my name trying to get me to wait up but I'm not going to. If its to dangerous to be with me then it's to dangerous for me to talk to him as well. I know I'm being childish but my heart is broken and I can't help what I feel.

  When I got to Jacobs house Seth had caught up with me and I walked in and slammed the door in his face. Everyone is sitting in the living room staring at me. They all looked sympathetic to me. Stupid wolf communication

   "Can we please just talk" Seth says behind me pleading. I just ignore him and pull Bella's hand.

  "Can we go home please" I ask her. She nods and goes around giving everyone a hug. I do the same but I don't hug Seth or look in his direction.

  "See you guys later" I say as we head out to the car. I ignored Seth all the way to the car and slammed the door shut. He pressed his palms to the window looking at me begging but I couldn't look at him. Just knowing he is upset hurts me if I look him in the eyes I'll fall apart.

  I can't change my mind though. If I can't be trusted enough to be with the one I love and stay out of danger then I won't be around him at all. It hurts to much to be around him and not be able to hold him in my arms and kiss with everything I have.

  I watched out the window as we drove away and he fell to his knees defeat in his eyes.

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