The Choices We Make (Seth Clearwater Love Story)

Jade swan loves her sister, but hates her choices. Like how she went to save Edward. So when her sister gets back from saving Edward she decides to help Bella realize that she loves Jacob. Along the way Jade falls in love with Seth clearwater.


6. Chapter 6

I wake up to my alarm sounding in my ear.I go to my window to see it pouring outside.I frown as fear starts to fill me thinking about how seth didnt come back last to push the bad thoughts away I head to the I shower and get dressed I see that it's eight oclock and head down stairs.I smile when I see Bella making breakfast.I look around suprised to not see Edward here,knowing dad was already at went in to work early on sunday morning.

"What no Edward this morning?"I asked sitting at the table."No"she said simply placing some food in front of me.I wasnt very hungry but I took a bite."Why not"I sighed before speaking."He went hunting few the next couple days."she were silent for a few minutes until she spoke."We had a fight before he left."she said."I wanted to go see Jacob."I smiled at her getting up."Then lets go see him,"I say happily."I dont know,"she said.I could tell she was nervous.


"I need to tell you something,"I looks up and waits for me to continue."I saw Jake while you were gone." "We went and hung out with Sam and the guys.""While I was there they caught scent of Victoria and they had come back with Seth who had been injured." she stares shocked but doesnt say anything."Seth imprinted on me"I whisper,watching her she doesnt say anything at first,just stares at me,trying to let everything sink in.


"Why didnt you tell me last night."She asks."I didnt want to talk about it with Edward around," I say looking away from her. She puts a hand on my shoulder and pulls me in for a hug."Please dont wait to tell me these things"She says into my ear."I wont," I fell over us again before she asked me"How did it feel seeing Seth after so long?"I gave a smile before saying"It was like finding a part of me that was missing."


"And when he imprinted on you?"She asked."It felt like I was complete."I said.I could tell how happy she was for me by the way she smiled."Alright lets go" She says walking to the door.I follow quickly behind her to the car."What if Edward finds out you were with Jacob,"I ask."Then he finds out."She says before pulling out of the drive way.I sat back excited to be going to see Jake.I was happy to see Bella excited to see him.


"Lets go"Bella says as we pull into Jakes we got to the door Billy answered happily."Bella,Jade what a nice on in."He says leading the sat down queitly on the couch."Hey dad whos at the door,"Jake says coming from his looked at me then at thing I knew he was past me and hugging Bella tightly to was hugging back just as and I shared a knowing look."What are you doing here?"he says softly to looked up into his eyes saying"I needed to see you."Billy went toward the porch and I followed giving them some time to talk about things.


"Thanks for bringing Bella here Jade,Im glad they can talk about things now,"Billy says reaching his hand out to me.I took hold of it and shook it glad that we mean so much to always been like like a second father to Bella and stood there together for awhile longer until another car pulled into the driveway.I smiled as the rest of the pack came out of the was the first one I he saw me he ran to me."Jade,"He says wrapping his arms around me.I hugged him back quickly,enjoying the feel of his arms around me."Im sorry I didnt come back last night."Victorica showed up again and we were after her."He says sadly."Im Just glad your okay,"I whisper to smiled at me and intertwined our fingers."Come with me,"He says pulling me toward the woods.

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