The Choices We Make (Seth Clearwater Love Story)

Jade swan loves her sister, but hates her choices. Like how she went to save Edward. So when her sister gets back from saving Edward she decides to help Bella realize that she loves Jacob. Along the way Jade falls in love with Seth clearwater.


4. Chapter 4

chapter 4




Two hours passed slowly by, every minute feeling like an eternity. Emily and I sat quiet next to each other eyes glued out the window, waiting for the boys and Leah to return. We had tried to hold a conversation for a little while, but our thoughts kept going back to what was happening. I waited a few more minutes before I got up and walked down the hall to the bathroom. I looked at my reflection in the mirror before splashing water into my face. I took a couple deep breaths before leaving.


"Jade" Emily yelled down the hall to me as she ran outside the door. My heart started to pound in my ears as I ran out after her. I gasped when I saw them carrying someone toward us. Even though I couldn't see through the dark I knew it was seth. I could feel it in my heart. Emily pulled me to the side so that they could pass us.


I was deciding on wether or not to follow them, but Emily chose for me, pulling me inside. I stopped breathing when his eyes locked on mine. He had changed alote since I'd last seen him. He wasn't much taller, but his muscled were now well toned and huge. His long hair is now cut short like the other boys.


"Jade" I heard him whisper. he reached his hand up to me from where they layed him on the couch.


"I'm here Seth" I whispered sitting down next to him on the couch. I leaned forward slightly, reaching forward to take his hand. When his hand connected with mine a connection shot through my arm. I looked up into his eyes to find his staring back at me too. And then it happened. I lost my breath as everything around us slowed. It was like I was being pulled toward him. His eyes showed with as much shock as love. By the look in his eyes I knew he would do anything for me, as I knew I would do anything for him. He had imprinted. I was brought back to reality by sam putting his hand on my shoulder.


" We have to go and try and hunt down Vitoria's scent. We'll be back soon." He said as he took off out the door. The other boys gave us a nod before leaving too. I turned to see Emily smiling at us before going into the kitchen.


Fear suddenly crept into my stomach. What should I say? Would he yell at me for not talking to him for so long. I felt him sit up behind me and waited for him to start to go off but he didn't. Instead he wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me closer to him. Every touch felt like a new spark being agnited inside my flesh.


" What are you thinking about?" He asked his lips pressed to my ear. I had to swallow back a moan when he kissed it. I turned and pressed my forehead to his.


" The last time I saw you" I answered truthfully. A look of sarrow entered his eyes. I know it hurt him when I left, like it did me.


" I kept my promise" I said proudly. I watched as a big smile spread over his face.


" So did I" He said back.


We sat for a few moments in silence injoying the peace.


" Seth you've got a phone call"Emily said handing him the phone.


" Hello" Seth said into the phone. I couldn't tell who it was on the other end of the phone but I could hear her sobbing. He let out a sad sigh before saying okay into the phone. He quickly hung up and handed it to Emily.


" Who was that?" I asked concerned. He looked at me with sad eyes before answering.


"It's my mom, she wants me to come home she's really upset." He said looking down. I gave anod that I understood. His mom had always been like a mother to me when I was growing up. It hurts to hear that she is in pain.


" Tell her that I said hi okay" I asked as he stood up. He gave nod and headed to the door. I took in a sharp breath knowing that I'd have to wait to see him again. I slowly got up and walked to the kitchen.


"I'm gonna head to bed okay" I told Emily before heading back to the guest bedroom. I quickly snuggled under the covers and fell asleep dreaming of Seth.

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