The Choices We Make (Seth Clearwater Love Story)

Jade swan loves her sister, but hates her choices. Like how she went to save Edward. So when her sister gets back from saving Edward she decides to help Bella realize that she loves Jacob. Along the way Jade falls in love with Seth clearwater.


3. Chapter 3

chapter 3



When we finally got to his house I jumped out of the car, taking in the nice woodey air. It's so good to be back here. Four months was way to long for me to have stayed away.


"hey girl" I heard someone say. I turn to see Paul behind me and Jared, Embry, Sam, Quil, and Jacob coming up behind me.


"hey guys" I said with a smile quickly giving out a round of hugs.


"where have you been?" Jared asked giving me a curious look.


"busy with school work." I lied giving a shrug. I could tell though that they didn't believe me. I gave a sigh before deciding to voice my real reason. "I didn't want to cause problems for anyone, and since Edward has been back I thought it might be risky to chance coming here" I said sadly.


"you'd never cause problems by coming here we're your family this is were you belong, with your friends." Sam said giving me a reasuring hand on my shoulder. I quickly hug him in response and decided to change the conversation.


"so hows Emily?" I asked. Sam instantly smiled.


"she's good"he said."would you like to go see her"


I quickly nodded in response and we all hoped in jacobs car and headed to Sams house. Emily was already on the porch waiting for us when we got there.


"Jade" she yelled as she wrapped her arms around me. I quickly wrapped my arms around her too. I'd missed her so much. She has always been like a sister to me.


When we seperated we all went inside to there living room. We all took turns talking about what happened in the four months we were apart.


"did you hear about Seth and Leah?" Sam asked when it was his turn to speak. I felt my heart drop to the floor when those words came out. Fear quickly filled me.


"what happened?" I asked half afriad of getting the answer. Sam gave out a sigh.


"they phased"Sam said. I sat back in the chair when he said that. Pain in my chest grew even more. I had missed my best firends phaseing. I felt tears fill my eyes as memories of me and seth when we were younger flooded back into my head.


"Ill be bach in a few minutes" I said to them as I stood up. "I need some air" I said my voice coming out in a squeak. When I got to the porch I heard Emily start to scowl at Sam for upsetting me. I sat on one of the porch chairs and closed my eyes. Letting a couple tears fall from my eyes I thought back to the last time I saw Seth.


"Jade were are you at?" he asked as He stepped out onto Emily's porch away from all of the noise.


"I'm over here" I said to him from the other side of the porch. He quickly walked over to me.


"what are you doing out here" He asked.


"I dont fell like celebrating" I said turning to face him. His expression was as sad as mine.


"But it's your birthday party" he said to me taking my hand in his. A shiver shot through me at the feel of his hand in mine.


"yeah buts it's your birthday, mine isn't for another month" I said to him looking toward the crowd.


"you wont be hear in another month." He said sadly. " I thought you wanted to celebrate our twelveth birthdays together." He said cofused. I smiled at him then.


"I do" I said wrapping my arms around him, leaning into his chest. He quickly wrapped his arms around me to. We both stood there for a few mintues taking in each others warmth.


"what do you hope you got?"I asked him finally gestering to the room where his presents hadn't been opened yet.


"I'm not sure"He said with a smile."what about you?" He asked.


"to stay here with you" I said truthfully. He gave a sad sigh then.


"I guess we're both gonna be disapointed" He said looking down. Silence fell over us for a few seconds before he spoke.


"promise me something?" He asked leaning into me, his brown eyes locked on me.


"anything" I said leaning into him to, our faces now inches apart.


"no matter how far we may be from eachother we'll still think about eachother everyday."He said waiting for me to answer.


"I promise" I say going to hug him again, but he pulls away. Before I can get out my question as to why he did he pressed his lips onto mine. A shock spread through my whole entire body and I wrapped my arms around his neck. I let out a moan as he bit down softly on my bottom lip, tangling my hands in his long hair. His hands quickly found my long hair to, before he pulled us closer together.


Sadly though we both had to come up for air. We both stared intently into each others eyes. Then he said the words to me that I will never forget.


"I love you Jade" he whispered to me. I gasped staring up into his eyes before answering him back.


"I love you too Seth" I whispered back to him pulling him in for another kiss. Just as we started to kiss people inside started to call for us.


"come on" Seth said holding my hand as we walked inside.


I open my eyes and stare up at the moon. It's been three years since I last saw seth. We are both fifthteen now. I wish more than anything that my mom had let me stay with charlie instead of me having to go and live with her and Bella. That is one thing Ill never forgive her for. She made me leave the person I love most in this world.


When me and Bella moved back up here I wanted to talk to him, to see him, let him know that I'd kept my promise, but I got scared. What if he didn't want to talk to me. He could have found somebody else. It would have killed me if I'd found out he had. So I never got in touch with him. I still love him with everything in me. With every day that passes without him my heart breaks more inside. Now that he's phased Ill be seeing him around alote. I don't know how Ill be able to handle it.


I get up and walk inside, deciding that sitting out were we had shared our first kiss wouldn't help anything. As soon as I walked inside I saw all the guys sitting at the table playing cards. They all stopped and looked up at me. Sam got up and walked toward me giving me a hug. He opened his mouth to apalogize, but I told him it was okay. He nodded in return.


While the guys played cards in the kitchen I laid out in the living room watching t.v. with Emily. Before long it reached midnight. I was about to tell Jacob that we should head back to his house before my dad got worried when A howl sounded from the forest. All of the guys shot up from there seats and ran out the door.


"what is it?" Emily asked worried, taking hold of Sam's arm.


"Seth and Leah have been attacked" He said running out the door. A sharp pain shot right down to my soul. No, they can't be hurt. Emily grabbed my arm and pulled me to the couch where we both sat waiting for them to return.

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