The Choices We Make (Seth Clearwater Love Story)

Jade swan loves her sister, but hates her choices. Like how she went to save Edward. So when her sister gets back from saving Edward she decides to help Bella realize that she loves Jacob. Along the way Jade falls in love with Seth clearwater.


12. Chapter 12

 I fell back to sleep for a half hour and got out of bed. I got in the shower at ten and was out by eleven. I got dressed and did my hair and was done by eleven thirty.

 I walked down stairs and turned on spongebob(best show ever) and waited for Seth to show up. On cue I heard my window open and a thump before someone ran downstairs. I turned to see a smiling Seth behind me.

 "Hey baby" he says as he jumps down beside me. He lifted me up and stuck me in his lap.

"How's the chase with Victoria going" I ask laying my head on his shoulder.

 "She slipped past us again" he says with a sigh. I looked up at him. I can tell he's frustrated. I reach up and press a kiss to his neck.

 "I just want you to be safe" he says pressing his forehead to mine.

 "I will be as long as I have you" I say as I place my hand on his cheek.

 He smiles at me before we both lean in and press our lips together. The kiss is slow at first but grows more passionate. He pushes me down climbing on top of me. I moan as his hands move and clutch under my thighs.

 I bite down on his bottom lip and he moans in acceptance as I wrap my legs around his waist. He trails his lips down my neck as I try to catch my breath. I moan louder as he bites down on my sweet spot in the middle of my neck.

 He pulled away for a moment to take of his shirt. I press my hands to his chest running my hand across his strong smooth skin. He snatches up his shirt with one hand and lifts me with the other. He runs upstairs into my room throwing me on my bed before moving on top of me again. Slowly he moves his hand to the hem of my shirt and pulling it off. He looked over my smooth skin in amazement. I gasped as I felt his lips press the skin on my stomach. I moan as he kisses down my stomach.

 He reached back up and pressed his lips together our tongues battling for dominance as he started to try and remove his belt. I reached down to help him when my phone starts to ring. We both groan in protest as I answered my phone.

 "Hello" I answer aggravated.

 "Jade!" I hear Bella's voice scream into the phone.

 I jump up in fear Seth looking at me in worry.

 "You and Seth need to come outside now. Me and Edward are waiting for you in his car" She says fear evident in her voice.

 "What's wrong" I ask already getting up.

 "I'll tell when you get in the car" she says and hangs up. I do as she says and get up throwing my shirt on. I throw Seth his shirt as he gets up.

 "Baby what's going on" he says grabbing my shoulders trying to calm me down. I reach up and press my lips to his.

 "Something's wrong Edward and Bella are waiting for us in his car" I say when I pull away from our kiss.

 "Let's go" I say as I grab his hand pulling him downstairs with me. I can tell he's not looking forward to riding in a car with Edward. This should be fun..........

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