The Choices We Make (Seth Clearwater Love Story)

Jade swan loves her sister, but hates her choices. Like how she went to save Edward. So when her sister gets back from saving Edward she decides to help Bella realize that she loves Jacob. Along the way Jade falls in love with Seth clearwater.


11. Chapter 11

 I wake up from the best sleep I've had in a long time and turn to look at Seth. Snuggling closer to him under the warm covers. I jump in suprise when my door opens causing Seth to wake up.

  To my relief it was just Bella. She smiled at me and raised an eyebrow when she saw Seth who was now sitting resting his head on my shoulder.

  "Dad left for work and I'm about to go meet up with Edward don't do anything to crazy alone here while I'm gone or I'll kick your and Seth's butt" she warns smiling.

  "I'll try"Seth says kissing the side of my neck.

  "See you guys later"she says rolling her eyes and laughing.

  As soon as we heard the front door shut Seth pulled me back down with him.

  "How did you sleep beautiful" Seth asks snuggling up to me.

  "Amazing" I say which makes him smile.

  "You probably have to leave soon" I say frowning. He rolls so he's on top of me and reaches down and presses a kiss to my lips.

  "I won't be long I promise I'll leave in a few minutes and be back by noon then I'm not leaving your side for the rest of the day" he says resting his forehead on mine.

  "Okay" I say as I reach up and press a kiss to his lips.

  "I love you" I say as he gets up from my bed.

  "I love you too" he says as he slips out of my window.

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