Dont forget to remember Us

'Just one drink' they said. 'It will be fun' they said. Boy were they wrong! Now I am 16 and made a mistake I cant fix! But, I don't know how they will react when I tell them... How will HE act? How do I tell them?


1. After the fact

                The rain made a soft pitter patter on my darkened windowsill. This was my life. Waiting in the darkness for something to happen. For my life to change. This was the life I knew.

                I laid back on my soft, fluffy bed. I rested my head against the wall. I knew nothing would happen.

                “Annalisa?” I heard a soft voice. My sister Elyssa. I was hoping that she would just leave. I didn’t want her to notice that I was depressed.

                “Yeah, Ellie?” I allowed her to enter my room.

                “How are you?” She softly smiled at me and I couldn’t help but smile back to her. She did know how to make me smile.

        "Good I guess, I mean its been pretty hard..." I sighed. I had to go get something. I didn't tell Elyssa why I had to go to the store later. But, I needed her to take me.



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