A Lover's Call


1. Only Chapter

In the silence of her sanctuary, she heard his voice, his soft whispers. Her true love’s call echoed through her mind. In that moment, she knew her destiny. Without another thought, she pulled the crystal orb from the decrepit bookshelf that squatted in the corner and grasped it in her fingertips. Her heart raced as she uttered the words that would allow her to reach her new-found love. The wind silently wrapped around her like a warm blanket as it began to lift her from her feet and carry her away like a chariot moving at the speed of light. Within the blink of an eye, her feet met the ground again, and she collided into a wooden table that clearly had seen better days. The wood snapped beneath her feet with a loud thud, and it was over. She stood on a hard wooden floor surrounded by cold stone walls. The room looked like a very small apartment or house; the bed was pushed into the corner next to the now broken table, and across the room, a small kitchen area stood unused. It was completely obvious to Starla that not a soul, besides her, had stepped into this room for quite some time. She sighed slowly exhaling a chilly breath. Within an instant, a man with dark brown hair and a golden blonde highlight across his bangs burst through the door with a loud crash. In his hand he wielded a long silver blade which seemed to glisten despite the dim lighting. His voice boomed filling the room with sound, “Who is there!?” He held a defensive pose with his blade pointed in Starla’s direction. Within an instant, Starla began to smile softly as she recognized the man’s voice as the one she loved. The man slowly sheathed his sword seeing the woman before him, “Oh, hello, Lovely,” he smiled a cocky smile. “Hello…Mortal.” Starla spoke in her normal condescending tone. “Well, then. How did you…get here?” He looked her up and down. Starla’s cobalt hair draped over her shoulders and rested on her chest in a neat manner. Her eyes shimmered in the dim lighting. One of her eyes was a soft violet color and the other a blood red that could intimidate anyone with just a glance. The man didn’t seem phased at all; he just continued smiling. “Teleportation. It seems to have teleported me to the wrong location...” She lied knowing that her teleportation apparatus was always accurate. The man nodded his head redirecting his attention to her eyes. “Interesting eye colors. Let me guess… half dark elf…” He gestured to the violet eye. “And half demon?” He gestured to the red eye. Starla nodded her head slowly, “Correct. I’m impressed, Mortal.” “I am no mortal.” The man growled in defense. He slowly parted his lips to show two sharp fangs in his mouth. Starla suddenly remembered the last time she had met a vampire. This vampire she met previously was named Kaname. He was a serious man; he constantly thought of the task at hand and never dillydallied. She was at the wedding of Nixara and Nefarious when she witnessed Kaname stab Nefarious. She saw him die on the floor. The bride wept and howled in horror at her recently deceased groom. Miraculously, Nefarious came back to life fully-healed as Demons have the tendency to do such things. That event was quite recent in fact. She slowly shook her head slowly returning her mind to the present. “My mistake.” She bowed her head slowly. The man nodded his head slowly forgiving the intruder, “So… Care to spend the night? If you want to stay longer, you must join the brotherhood…” Starla tilted her head in confusion, “Brotherhood?” “Yes, the brotherhood…” “As in… assassins?” “Yup.” The man seemed to be extremely excited by his own words. Starla sighed looking to him; she felt her heart race inside her chest at his gaze, “Why not… Nothing better to do… Maybe I can get to know you while I’m at it.” She smiled at him with a gentle loving smile. Starla never showed positive emotions before this day as she was a cold-hearted demon. She never knew what love and joy was; she only knew the emotions of hate, anger, and sadness. Today was the first day of the rest of her life. The man smiled taking her hand with a kind look on his face, “Definitely… What is your name?” he inquired. “Starla… What about you stranger?” She seemed to blush, her cheeks turning a soft pink. “Faolan...” The name bounced off his tongue in such elegance that Starla nearly swooned. “Well, Faolan. I guess we have a lot of work to do around this place.” She smiled softly knowing she would never be alone again.

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