The Game of Life and Death


1. The Game of Life and Death

The idea of death is a complicated one,
Some ignore it, some explore it,
By means of knowledge, or even a gun.
But once it come around, what's done is done,
Nothing can be changed, nothing is the same,
But hope you'll be surrounded by loved ones.
We Humans fear it, and that brings no shame,
But life was given to you, be grateful,
Born with a name in a family frame,
Welcome to this game.


Whether you choose to walk in numbers or alone,
Don't compromise for another person,
You are no clone, don't let them worsen you.
Individuality is not a thing to think about,
It is a thing embedded in our minds,
Without a doubt.
We all get stuck in a rut once in a while,
But it is not something to end for nothing,
Life might be hard, but it is worthwhile,
But it is no trial.
The afterlife might exist,
But it comes after, it is not best til' last,
Don't wish it away so fast. 

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