My dream

It's always been my dream to meet 1 direction and date Harry styles little did I know that's what was about to happen


1. wake up call

Emily wake up I hear my mom call me down stairs to get ready for school. I grown and finally give in. I got to my dresser and pick out my outfit for the day A pair of ripped skinny jeans, a neon pink shirt my vans and to finish the look I applied a light makeup. I'm about 5,4 with long blond hair and ocean blue eyes and to be honest I'm not vary pretty. After about 30 minutes of getting ready I go down stairs and eat some toast. Are you exited for the first day of school? No mom no one is ever ready for the first day of hell. Ok we'll just have fun. I will I say as I grab my bag get in my car and head to the place we call prison

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