My dream

It's always been my dream to meet 1 direction and date Harry styles little did I know that's what was about to happen


3. the time of my life

It was 10am when my alarm went off so I jumped out of bed and went to get a shower. After my shower I picked out a pair of white short shorts and light blue tribal patterned low cut shirt with my flip flops I put my 1D case on my iPhone 6 and curled my hair I did my make up a blue white thing and went to pick up cam. When I picked up cam she had dark blue short shorts on with a black and white zigzagged shirt and her flip flops her hair was strait with dark makeup on. Wow you look amazing cam. Thx you to Emily any one your trying to impress I blush and start to drive to the arena. When we got there we found a parking spot and got are front row seats I was seat 4 and cam was seat 5. The lights went dark and the stage lit up as one direction came out I screamed when I saw Harry and cam screamed for zayn. After about a hour they sang when the music came to a stop Harry started to speak. How is everyone tonight? Everyone started to scream. That's grate now one of you lucky fans are going to be able to come up on stage tonight and meet all of us in person and stay up here for 2 hole songs. Everyone screamed agian. Would seat number 4 plz come up to the stage. My face was blank and in shock cuz I Emily cook was seat number 4. I went up on stage and the boys walked up to me. Just come out to my middle of the stage love. I did as I was told. It's ok don't be shy Harry says as he takes my hand. See nothing to be shy about Harry says he winks at me then they start the song best song ever.

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