My dream

It's always been my dream to meet 1 direction and date Harry styles little did I know that's what was about to happen


2. the day just got better

As I get to school I see my friend Cameron so I park my car and walk up to her. Hi cam. OMG Emily I missed you so much. Thanks you to. So Emily I see your birthday is coming up what do you want for your gift. Idk cam I really don't want anything. We'll to bad we can talk about it at lunch. Ok see you after 6th period girly and with that cam walked off. Skip to lunch. So Emily what do u want for a gift. We'll cam Iv always wanted one direction tickets but I don't think I will ever get them. Never say never girl you might be surprised on what u will get. Ok cam I gtg see you tomorrow. When I got home my mom was on a chair waiting for me. Hello dear how was school. School is school. That's nice so honey I have a early birthday gift for you so close your eyes. I did as I was told. Now open them. When I opens my eyes I was almost in tears there was 2 1D tickets in my hands for on my birthday. THANK YOU MOM THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Your welcome dear. Now go get cleaned up for dinner. After dinner I texted cam.

Emily: cam get your one direction stuff out and ready

Cam: why Emily?


Cam: OMG! ok see u tomorrow can't wait

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