My dream

It's always been my dream to meet 1 direction and date Harry styles little did I know that's what was about to happen


4. here's my number

After the consert we went to the meet and great. First person we saw was zayn. Hello loves what your name? We'll I'm Emily and this is cam. To amazing names he said and gave us both hugs. Next was Louis. Hey Louis I said hey your the girl who was on stage your hotter up closer.thx I said and blushed. Next was Liam. Hi Liam amazing show tonight. Thx baby he said. Next was Niall. Hey Niall what's wrong nothing I'm just hungry. I giggled and got him a snickers candy bar. Thx your my hero he said. Last was my dream boyfriend Harry. Hi harry hi Emily. How do you know my name? Your friend over thee said it and she also said you had a monster crush on me. He winked yeah I do but I have to go. We got almost to the door when Harry touched my arm. Hey can I get your number Emily

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