He was- is- the king of the Underworld. By all rights, he's just a fearsome as Zeus, and he was just as self-righteous. Hades considered himself impossible to love because he considered love impossible to give. There were too many chances to hurt and to be hurt, and he had better things to do than to nurse a broken heart. So of course when his heart fluttered at the sight of Persephone, he knew he would have to squash that emotion long before it grew into something more troublesome. If only it were that simple.


9. Winter's Snow


     I wonder when I go, what will she know.

     Will she believe the lies and scars I left behind? Will she try to follow me like I wish I could follow her? I do not belong in the sun no more than she belongs in the darkness, but it doesn't stop me from wishing that I could ask her to stay.

     And I know she leaves to protect the world, but I am selfish in so many ways.

     When she is in my arms, I want her to stay. I want to fight away anything that tries to take her. I could fight beasts and monsters, men and gods, if it meant that I could hold her for a day longer. But I know, especially when her warmth is sinking in, that I could never fight her. She would always win because I could never bear to see her lose anything she wanted.

     For some strange reason she wanted me.

     If I had nowhere to sleep, I could find shelter in her smile- and if I could not eat, I could have my fill on her laughter. She was every light within me, and all I could ever offer her is the coldness of my arms.

     So many things tell me to let her go.

     The world could survive if we never saw each other again, but I no longer think I could. If the day ever came when she had to leave and I had to stay, it would be the end of me. Because even when my shadow darkens her door, she never sends me away. She doesn't fear my touch- she doesn't fear me.

     If it were me to leave, I hope she'd stay. She was so much goodness in a world that had long forgotten what that meant.

     Persephone smiles at me so softly it hurts, and her warm hands wrap around my cold fingers. She asks me what I'm thinking about, and I know there is no way I could ever voice my real thoughts to her.

     "Just wondering if humans enjoy the Winter's snow..."

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