He was- is- the king of the Underworld. By all rights, he's just a fearsome as Zeus, and he was just as self-righteous. Hades considered himself impossible to love because he considered love impossible to give. There were too many chances to hurt and to be hurt, and he had better things to do than to nurse a broken heart. So of course when his heart fluttered at the sight of Persephone, he knew he would have to squash that emotion long before it grew into something more troublesome. If only it were that simple.


8. Travesties in Proportions


     I'm afraid, though I would never say it aloud. There was too much shame and too much pride within me to ever admit it. I had stared down Phobos himself without flinching, and even faced with Kronos, I'd never feared anything. But I feared this.

     I was afraid of what I would become without her.

     Persephone said that I would be fine.

     I knew I wouldn't.

     I never missed the cold that came without her.

     I never missed the silence that came after every lost breath.

     But I did miss the warmth of her hand on my arm.

     I missed the tinkle of her laughter whenever she thought I was being melodramatic.

     I missed her, and she hadn't even left yet.

     I told her that I would wither without her.

     She laughed.

     And then she kissed me.

     "You'll make liars out of the both of us," she whispered before gathering the last of her things.

     I could have lamented. I could have proclaimed just how wrong she was- because only one of us would be a liar.

     She underestimated the darkness that filled her absence. She overestimated my willpower.

     She laughed without me ever saying a word and repeated herself.

     "You'll make liars out of the both of us."

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