He was- is- the king of the Underworld. By all rights, he's just a fearsome as Zeus, and he was just as self-righteous. Hades considered himself impossible to love because he considered love impossible to give. There were too many chances to hurt and to be hurt, and he had better things to do than to nurse a broken heart. So of course when his heart fluttered at the sight of Persephone, he knew he would have to squash that emotion long before it grew into something more troublesome. If only it were that simple.


4. Silent Lullaby


     It's nights like these that I feel it. The emptiness and the loneliness that I once welcomed. It's something that I was so used to that it would go unnoticed. Now I breathe in and listen for the comforting sound of her breathing out. She doesn't because it's not time.

     I count each breath like an hour, and I wait for her exhale like a season. It doesn't come yet, and I wish I could suffocate. I wish there was something to keep me from filling that space just so I could feel her absence more.

     It feels like a sin to breathe without her, but I do. I sin, and I wonder when my damnation will come for me. Every exhale is a hell in itself, and I breathe in again, waiting for the end of a season.

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