He was- is- the king of the Underworld. By all rights, he's just a fearsome as Zeus, and he was just as self-righteous. Hades considered himself impossible to love because he considered love impossible to give. There were too many chances to hurt and to be hurt, and he had better things to do than to nurse a broken heart. So of course when his heart fluttered at the sight of Persephone, he knew he would have to squash that emotion long before it grew into something more troublesome. If only it were that simple.


5. Paper Gods


     I find it amazing, when I look around, how paper everyone is. Kings and queens who wear their crowns and give their commands, and they never expect their time to come. They never admit to themselves that no matter how high they climb, they will always fall to me. They reign so supreme and it is almost poetic how they waste away. Everything they are and everything they love eventually crumbles away like paper.

     These worshipers, they're paper, too. They choose to dance around the subject of death, and instead they give offerings to the Sun and the Moon to bless their hands. They pray to clouds for rain, and they pray to sand for grass. They beg for sons and sacrifice their daughters, and they never once think they're stepping closer to me. Each breath brings them closer, and each second they grow older.

      And they burn so fast, they barely notice. Humans fall away, crumbling against the harsh winds of life. It's so amazing how they continue. I could never admit to anyone, and I never will, but there are times when I envy man. Their ability to fold into something beautiful, and their ability to burn down until only ash remains.

     But the Olympians are paper, too.

     Behind Athena's wise eyes, deeper into Apollo's bright grin, pass Zeus' loud commands- under it all is nothing but paper fears. We're all so paper, and I find it amazing we haven't burned ourselves to cinders.

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