Is this the end?

Is this the end?


6. schedules and verges of feeling better from a loss

It was still the begging of the school day and it just so happens that Taylor, phoebe, Michael, and Luke are all in my homeroom.  I'm kind of glad that Michael is in the same homeroom as me because he's really cute, and nice, and funny so I would like to get to know him. At the same time I'm super nervous that Michael is my homeroom considering we don't even know each other and he kissed me this morning literally ten minutes ago , I feel like any other girl would have the same feelings I do now. I'm not like other girls I wouldn't want to be like them either, they're desperate for love and shockingly a lot of the girls that go to warren hills high school are major horn dogs, like for real. We're all standing in the front of the classroom waiting to be placed in a seat, every row of desks are two desks pushed together. As I watch people sit at their desks with their partners I heard my name called and then Michaels. Yes, okay great this could work I can become friends with him more easily now. Now Michael and I are both sitting at are desks and the rest of the students, Tay and Pheebs are sitting in front of me and Luke is sitting behind me partnerless. Michael and I began comparing  schedule and noticed we had all of the same classes except for math. I heard the door open and shut so everyone looks up to see who else tori her hair covers a lot of her face and her normal tan skin, from her habit of sun bathing, is now as pale as can be. She slowly walks over to the teacher and speaks to her, I'm taken by surprise when they share a heart felt looking hug and the teacher begins crying while Tori takes her seat next to Luke. The teacher stand up in front of the entire class and tell us a horrible thing that happened over Tori's summer. So horrible Pheebs and Tay cry along with others in class, I just sit with tears welling up in my eyes while Michael looks to me and see's my expression. I feel someone pull me into a hug, it's Michael. He smells good, thank god he doesn't smell like the average teenage boy. Who would've ever thought I'd be sitting here with Michael Clifford holding me tightly to his chest. I feel safe and protected I don't ever want to leave his arms, It feels like I'm never supposed to leave his arms, like they're made to hold me. The bell rings and the teacher dismisses us, with that Michael pecks my forehead, we intertwine fingers and head to our next class.




*After school* 

My hand is still holding Michaels we only let go of each other during Math. I started running after Tori and when I caught up with her I firstly asked," First why didn't you tell me, second I'm giving you a rid and your coming to live with me." She looked at me and sprang into my arms for a huge hug and cried out," I'm so sorry I didn't want to speak of it, she's gone my aunt is gone, why does everyone die?" Michael then looked to me and then to her and joined in on the hug. She pulled away from our embrace a few seconds later and asked, " Are you guys a thing, that would be cute and good" My cheeks turned pink and heated up before I spoke," Actually tor we-" Michael quickly cuts me off," Just started dating at the beginning of summer, your the first to know so try to keep it in only you grasp." Michael wrapped his arms around my waist and leaned his chin on my shoulder which surprised me but the more surprising thing was him kissing my cheek. When I turned my head to look at him he kissed my lips and we just full on made out for about 5 minutes before we noticed Tori was gone, we walked to my car and saw her from the back with headphones in, phewww. Michael pulled me into a kiss again and it got extremely deep, pre-sex deep, a little while later we heard cough and turned to see Luke, Ashton, and Calum. Michael and I blushed. "Are you guys a thing or something?" Luke asked with a rude tone. "No," we said in unison giggling after. Luke and Ashton sigh a sigh of relief while Calum responds with a blank, "Oh". Michael and I turn to each other and peck each other on the lips. "Come to my house," I say." Anything for you," he say's. The boys look to each other and agree they're coming too as I walk towards my car door I feel a smack to my ass but before I turn around I feel three more and turn to see four boys running to Michaels car. I laugh to myself and open the door. I sit down and offer," You can move to the front Michaels not coming he has his own car, should've told you that before I would've made him sit in the back anyway and I'm going to drop you off at your aunts so you can pack your stuff we'll deal with everything tomorrow, I know it's only two fifty but you have a lot of stuff so yea I'll pick you up at six o' clock so we can watch a movie and talk." I pull my phone out and text the girls we'll go shopping tomorrow, Thursday night, since the party is on Friday night and it's only Tuesday. Then the drive starts on the way to Tori's house we speak of the summer forgetting about Tori's aunts death, making each other laugh and calm down from our moment at the school, I mention that Michael and I aren't really dating I just think that we both like each other because I don't  really know how he feels but I possibly will later. When we arrive to Tori's house we hug before she gets out. My house is a little less than a block away so it takes me second to get home and when I do Michael is waiting in my driveway alone *smirks*







a/n- In the next chapter there will be smut, just saying. It will be my first time writing smut so please don't judge. comment whatever your thinking or feeling. Starting a new fanfic soon!Love you babes.

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