Is this the end?

Is this the end?


7. not romantic

I hopped out of the car and shut the door. I grabbed Michaels hand and drug him towards the house, I unlocked the door and gave Michael directions to my room. When I heard him shut my door upstairs I looked the front door and remembered I have to pick up Tori in about three hours. I heard muffled sounds from upstairs, as I traveled up the stairs the sounds got louder. The sounds became more noticeable as moans I stood outside my door listening to Michael moaning my name. I could feel my cheeks heat up as I open the door to find Michael in euphoria sitting on the edge of my bed, pumping his large member. He looked up to see me standing in the door way staring in awe at him jerking off on my bed, but didn't stop he stared in to my eyes enjoying his pleasure. I couldn't just stand and watch this amazing sight, so I slowly walked over and replaced his hands with mine. He stared directly into my eyes and slammed his lips into mine. I kept rubbing his member but I fastened my pace. He broke are kiss for a second to tell me," I'm about to cum, please stop." So I stopped and grabbed a condom from my nightstand he rolled it on while watching me undress. I've always been super insecure, but when it came to sex it was one of my first flaws I would forget. As soon as I pulled my last piece of clothing off he stood up and began our make out session again while wrapping his arms around me and grabbing my ass. He pulled my up his body and pushed me up against a near by wall and began to fuck me senseless. I moaned into the kiss. Michael just smirked and pushed his dick into me harder. after an few minutes we both came and cuddled in my bed. " I have to go pick up tori in two hours," I said. he kissed my forehead and pulled off his condom. I giggled no knowing he still had it on I saw it fly across the room towards my garbage can. He rolled over to grab his phone from my nightstand and answered a phone call. I then heard Ashton's voice," Is that Bianca and is she naked I can't tell I only see her back." I pushed Michael off the bed and pulled a blanket on my body." Michael! why'd you do that? What if he saw my ass? You dick! You can come back up by the way," I said. His eyes popped up from the floor and then he stood up and jumped into the spot next to me. Michael nudged his head in my neck and Luke being a smartass corrected me," Don't you mean we could've seen your ass Bianca? Oh and we'll be over in ten." Michael told them to bring clothes because he was sleeping over. I turned to look at him and said," who said you can sleep over and what makes you think they can too?" He smirked," One your horn dog appetite and two tori's distraction from our fuck fest." calum began signing," Baby lock them doors and turn them lights down low." I turned to Michael's phone screen," okay Mikey and SHUT THE FUQ UP Calum." calum frowned," that's not fair I'm gonna yell that to you tonight." Michael then set his phone on the night stand while we all discussed that Michael and I's 'fuck fest' will not be spoken of tonight. Michael was becoming impatient so he began grinding his dick into my ass under the cover. We all agreed that the boy's would pick tori upo and bring her here whilst Michael and I fucked before we would watch a super romantic comedy. The night was set and my bed was not.





a/n- Okay so this chapter sucked majorly, sorry about that. Love you babes.                                                                                                                                                                                                           

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