Is this the end?

Is this the end?


2. last day 😓

This was it. This was the last day of my epic summer my last summer of doing nothing. No working, no underage drinking because I'll have a job, no partying all night because I'll have to work. WORK.WORK.WORK.WO- my thoughts are suddenly pulled to a halt when my mother barges in and interrupts my train of thought, " Bianca, Hun, you might be upset that this you last day of freedom except for holidays an weekends but you will enjoy school too! Right?" She searches my eyes for an answer and begins again,"Well you can make it through I know it!" I look down to my lap. How can she be so joyful oh wait alcohol to her self, pfffft I didn't even take that much plus I would even calling it taking just an occasional 'borrowing' of liquor what's the big deal?! "You just want all the alcohol to yourself", I mumble pout-fully. I look up from my lap and into her bright emerald green eyes and she spoke 'words of wisdom', "Yea, yea. Get over this last day sadness you'll be fine, I know so and so what those other hipster might not favorite you." She pauses throws her fist up and yells,"FUCK THE STANDARDS" she lowers her arm covers her mouth and giggle,"excuse my French," she then bursts into laughter but stops immediately when she sees the blank expression on my face."How did you not enjoy that? I practically gave you a school joke to spread! Pick out your clothes for tomorrow, listen to music, whatever floats your boat Bee", with that she sighs and leaves my habitat, I fall back on my bed and sigh. Letting out a breath I didn't know I had. My friends and family have always called me Bee and always called my room my natural habitat because 'Bee' is short for Bianca and 'my natural habitat' because my room is where I spend most of my free time. I go out A LOT but I do spend a decent amount of time in my room. I sit up grab my phone off of my modern white nightstand, I begin texting Taylor, Jenna, Tori, and Pheebs. We have a group chat.

Taylor = Tay

Jenna = Jen

Pheebs = Ph


Me- hey

Ph- hi

Tay- hi

Jen- sup

Tay- so I heard hotties are having a party this weekend!!

We begin to talk about 4 popular boys from are school. Michael Clifford, Ashton Irwin, Luke Hemming, and Calum Hood. They're the most popular boy in school; correction. They're also known as major fuck boys. Every girl wants to sleep with them but that's not how it works they choose you. Kinda fucked up if you ask me but it's kinda hot though.

Me- Tay they'll break anyone's heart I can't see that happen to you. I know you want them but that's not going to happen on my watch. We can go but your mouth will be flirt less.

Tay- Damnn Bee trying to break my dreams up or what?

Me- you know it's not like that!

Ph- is this a fight?

Me & Tay- no *sighs*

Jen- lol. Good

Ph- virtual group hug?

All- YASSS!!

Tay- so we are going right?

Me- if Pheebs and Jenna want to....

Jen- corse

Ph- great I'll be there, we'll be there, can we meet up at your house Bee? You know to get ready?

Me- obviously we should go shopping after school tomorrow it is Tuesday and the part is on??

Tay- Friday @ 9:00, I say we leave around 8:55 get there about 9:00.

Ph- pm right? can't miss the first Friday!

Jen- God Pheebs your too good

Me- same thoughts well make you look less inoccent on Friday night maybe get you laid for the first time!!

Ph- uhhmm maybe I like the ninioccent part best!! And I do not look that innocent okay.

Ph- so shopping after school tomorrow, check!

Me- your right probably not that innocent!

Jen- sameeeee Bee, same

Ph- well I should go it's time for dinner, salad well made.

Jen- same

Me same

Tay- same 😂😂

a/n- what are you thinking? Where the fuck well they go shopping p.s explicit writing may occur

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