Is this the end?

Is this the end?


1. intro

My name is Bianca Jacobsen I am 18 and I graduate this year from Warren Hills. I mostly listen to music, watch Netflix, hang out with my friends and family, or eat food. I'm pretty chill if I say so myself, I only get in fights with the people that deserve to get beat. I have a brother named Dan he's 19 just graduated. He's a dick. I have two parents Meryl and Toby they say they are going to divorce but they get over it and it goes on and on and on. I have a black jeep and a license. I am not rich I just get what I want by working for it. I'm not really religious, my parents say they are but I call bullshit and don't speak myself into it. I live in a medium sized house and I want to move out, I'm hanging on until I finish school. I think it would be a decent idea to keep up with my study's since I'm not planning on going to college.

a/n: sorry this is short it's just the intro.

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