A Mother's Eternal Love

Ever since she was small, Azami Uchiha had always dreamed of getting married and having a daughter of her own, which she can cherish and protect. And when the day finally comes that Hitomi Uchiha arrives into her life, Azami knew there was something special about her, and a bond immediately flourished.
What can you say? That's a Mother's eternal love.
*A short story, prequel to 'To Kill an Uchiha'*


9. Chapter 9

Bright white lights flashed before me. Darks spots blocked my vision, leaving me distorted and confused. The sound of midwives communicating with me was muffled out by the sounds of my moans and screams. And the pain...just unbearable. Where am I? What is going on?



Pacing up and down the waiting room outside made me more tense than ever.

"It's been too long. It should be over by now." I muttered to myself.

Yukia rolled her eyes. She was sitting down, remaining calm, "She's doing the best she can, Mikoto-san. Have you already forgotten how hard it is?"

I stopped, and sighed, "I suppose you're right, as usual. B..but she's my little sister. In my eyes, I still see her as the little five year old who used to follow me to and from the academy. The last thing I want is for her to be in pain. I'm her sister and I'm supposed to protect her!" Surely that wasn't difficult to understand...

Yukia put a hand on my shoulder, "It'll be over soon." she whispered gently.

After all, that's all she could say. There was no way to get out of this one besides wait.

Oh Kushina...if only you were here to see this...


Two hours passed, and finally the nurse let us see Azami. It was all over.



Weak...weak and vulnerable. The last couple of hours were too unbearable for words. I felt surprised that I actually survived them. Never felt pain like that before. Even when my Sharingan were close to rupturing my optic nerve. And that was excruciating. I lay with the now creased white blankets up to my neck, my eyes firmly shut. I was exhausted. The sweat soaked my body and the mattress. I was so uncomfortable, but I was too tired to move into a better position. 

"Well done Azami." the youngest midwife whispered to me, resting her hand on top of mine, "Your little girl is here. We're just going to wash and weigh her for you. Then you can say hello."

It took a lot of effort for me to open my eyes, but I managed, looking over at the midwife and smiling faintly. It hadn't gone in yet that my little girl was crying out for me somewhere else in the room. She's calling for me...

"Here she is." a second midwife was holding a mass in a white towel, "Your daughter wants to see you." she smiled brightly at me, lowering the towel.

This moment...seemed unreal...only months ago this was Mikoto and Yukia. And now it was me. The pain they went through, I have now experienced. The relief that the agony was over, I can relate to. But my emotions...they were totally blank...

With numb muscles, I outstretched my arms to get a hold. Lowering it down into my lap, I moved the towel and curiously looked at the sight from within the thick layer of fabric. A pale face with a thick layer of coal black hair, eyes firm shut and lips sucked in. Her arms where covering the sides of her face. Was this...her?

My eyes widened when a gurgle escaped her lips. That's when I realized, she's my daughter. She's what I've been carrying for nearly nine months.

And finally I smiled. I'm a mother...the one thing that every girl wants to be...it's finally time, she wriggled underneath the towels. I frowned, she has her Father's hair...the same thick, fluffy hair he has....where is he? I could feel my eyes start to soak, but the tears were interrupted when I heard voices.

"Azami-chan?" the voice instantly lifted the shadows of despair once again. Mikoto was at my bedside, looking at me in concern, "How are you feeling?"

I was slow to react, but eventually I nodded slowly, "Fine." I couldn't quite speak, so I just mouthed the word.

Yukia was sitting in a plastic chair nearby, giving me the thumbs up, "Good job keeping your sister worried." she teased, and immediately Mikoto scowled.

"Very funny, Yukia-san." she muttered, but her expression softened when she noticed me smiling in amusement. Mikoto changed the subject, "So, let's see your little girl."

Slowly, I turned my head to the towels encasing my little girl and moved them a little more so her face was exposed more for me. Then I lifted her head and body a little so my two guests could get a good look.

"Oh...my...God..." Yukia whispered, her jaw slightly agape.

"Azami-chan..." Mikoto breathed, "She's beautiful."

Yukia shook her head, "She looks just like you."

We spent a few moments just looking at the baby that was beginning to lighten up my life again.

"Hideki would be so proud." Mikoto spoke up again.

I could feel my insides darken again.

Mikoto quickly spoke up again, "He's not dead, Azami-chan."

I flipped my head round to look at her serious face, "How do you know?"

A small smile lifted, "He's been seen around the place. He hasn't stopped moving but he's around somewhere. I'll bet he'll come back soon."

A sigh escaped my mouth, He's alive...he's alive...

"Oh...looks like your little one wants to see her Mummy!" Yukia suddenly piped up. 

I looked down and true to her words, I noticed eye movement. They were flickering slightly, not completely opening.

"I'll bet she'll have the same big black eyes as you, Azami-chan." Yukia then added.

All of us watched and waited for that magical moment.

They opened, indeed large like mine but...they were jade green.


"G-green?" Mikoto muttered, looking from my baby to me, "T-this can't be right..."

I lifted my head, glaring at Mikoto, She can't really be thinking that I am,..a cheat right? Because of course I'm not! 

Mikoto noticed my expression and shook her head quickly, "N-no that's not what I meant, Azami, I promise, it's just...this hasn't happened before...not for many generations at least."

Green eyes...is it possible for an Uchiha to inherit green eyes?

Mikoto looked up at me again and smiled, "This could be huge, Azami-chan! Don't you get it? This is a legend!"

Yukia, throughout the whole conversation remained slightly shocked, but who could blame her?

"I'll speak to Fugaku later. He'll know the exact details, but this is a great thing I promise you!" Mikoto ended up being really excited, though I still had no idea why.


Two days I remained rested in the hospital just watching little Hitomi sleep in her incubator. That's what I decided to call her. Hitomi. After my great grandmother. Midwives confirmed that Hitomi was completely healthy, if not a little small. I was free to leave, after completely resting up and regaining my strength.

"I'll come and see you tomorrow, Azami-chan!" Yukia waved goodbye and left out of my new estate.

That's right. After having left the hospital, I was finally told that the Uchihas were moved to a new estate. Rumour has it that it was an Uchiha who was responsible for the Nine Tailed Fox's attack on Konoha. An Uchiha who was responsible for Kushina's death. I felt ashamed to be in the same clan as the monster who destroyed everything for me...for us. I even noticed, while walking down the path to my new house, the disgusted looks on villagers' faces as I passed them. And many more glares sent at Hitomi, as if she were vermin. Nobody trusted me.

Sighing, I closed the door and leant against the door. Hitomi was resting in her cot upstairs so I was left to have a few precious moments to myself. I spent it unpacking some final things to put in our new home.


My first impressions of the house...I hated it. It wasn't home. It was just a house I had to stay in. I began to cry. A lot. I had to be comforted by Yukia and Mikoto.

"This isn't my home...this isn't my home...this isn't my home! I want to go home!"

But I should've known that wasn't going to happen. This was my home now. Yukia and Mikoto helped my unpack my few belongings and furniture and arrange them to be as similar as possible to the arrangements at my old house. It wasn't the same, but it good enough I suppose.


The final box was finally unpacked and just in time. Hitomi was hungry. Immediately I heated up some milk in a bottle (I wasn't keen on the whole breast feeding thing) and leapt up the stairs to her room. It ended up being awfully nice. Small, but full of white wood furniture and fluffy stuffed animals scattered everywhere. Definitely something I will grow to like.

"Hey, Hitomi-chan." I whispered, resting my hand on her cheek to calm her crying, "Had a nice nap? Guess what Mummy has downstairs." I lifted her out of the cot, over my shoulder and carried her down the stairs.

After feeding her, she immediately went back into a deep slumber, the lazy type huh? I muttered in my mind.

And that's when I heard a knock at the door.


Cautiously I rose to my feet and looked out of the window. A man with scruffy black hair was waiting, with a nervous posture, outside my door. Could it be? I couldn't tell.

Stepping carefully, I headed for the front door and unlocked it slowly. Opening it, I looked up at the man who was looking back with his onyx black eye. It was filled with worry and fear. The other...missing...a mere black whole with a large, red scar running down from the top of his head down to his chin.

"A-Azami-chan?" the man's husky voice whispered to me as he raised his hand nervously, but it stopped before it reached my cheek. He looked down at Hitomi, "M-my little girl?"

That's when I knew...Hideki has returned.


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