A Mother's Eternal Love

Ever since she was small, Azami Uchiha had always dreamed of getting married and having a daughter of her own, which she can cherish and protect. And when the day finally comes that Hitomi Uchiha arrives into her life, Azami knew there was something special about her, and a bond immediately flourished.
What can you say? That's a Mother's eternal love.
*A short story, prequel to 'To Kill an Uchiha'*


8. Chapter 8

I gulped in more air. And more. And more.

I hadn't stopped crying for hours. Since the moment the news was announced...up until now. Four o'clock in the evening. And I have no intention of stopping. It hurts. It really hurts


*this morning*

"You liar....YOU LIAR!" I shouted to my doctor as he remained sat calmly next to my bed, "She can't be dead. He can't be dead! Neither of them can be dead. They are too strong!"

"That's the thing. They were strong. Strong willed. They were willing to die to protect Konoha. Their son in particular. So they sacrificed themselves to make sure everyone remained safe. And now we are." he explained.

My heart pounded in my chest. I didn't want to believe him. I can't believe him. But I can. It's something they would do. Especially the Fourth. He was a good man. An unselfish man. Konoha was his pride and priority. And as for Kushina...I can't...

My doctor held his hand out to me, "I am so sorry, Azami-san. You have no idea how much I am. She meant so much to you."

"And Minato to Hideki." I muttered, "How did he react when he heard this?"

He remained silent, "I'm so sorry, Azami...nobody knows were Hideki is. He's gone AWOL."



It sunk in about an hour later. Given cold towel after cold towel to cool off my heated pain. With the way my emotions were going, nurses were surprised I didn't get a fever.


After being given yet another towel I spoke for the first time, "I want to see my sisters." I was referring to Yukia as well as Mikoto, "It's about time my family gave me some good news if there is any."

I couldn't see the nurse's expression, because the towel covered my eyes and forehead. I didn't want anyone acknowledging the pain in my eyes. But I'm ready for my sisters to see me.

The nurse sighed, "Very well, Azami-san. As long as you are ready." she retreated from my room.


A feeling of a coil wrapped its way around my chest. Then I could feel the droplets of water and the hot breath on my neck.

"Azami-chan!" Mikoto sobbed as she tightened her grip around my torso, "You're alive. I can't believe you are alive!"

She removed the towel from my eyes to see the red rings. Being met with the bright white, I squinted, before screwing my eyes up, completely tight.

"S...sister." I whispered, trying hard to open my eyes again. I reached at and instinctively she took my hand, squeezing it reassuringly, "Where's Yukia?"

"On her way. She's been busy, but as soon as she heard you were in the hospital, she literally dropped everything...except Kaze of course." she giggled lightly. I could see how brave she was trying to be right now. Her eyes were as sad as mine. But also relieved.

A shy smile graced my lips, before disappearing again, "How are the children? I...I left them alone...that night." my eyes heated up again, "I...left them alone...I'm sorry."

"Hey...hey Azami-chan. Don't you ever think like that. You didn't leave them alone. It was a terrible accident, what happened to you. You wouldn't have seen it coming. They're just fine."

I snorted, "I would have seen the accident if I'd have used my Sharingan."

"But you know you can't do that Azami." Mikoto scorned me, "Your eyes are in no condition. They never were and never will be, so don't let me even hear you consider using them."

I closed my eyes, "I can't believe they are gone...how can they be gone...? If only I were there. I should have ignored Hideki and fought with them...Hideki..." yet more tears.

"Azami?!" the door to my room flung open, revealing a gorgeous woman with red hair staring directly at me with piercing eyes.

"Yukia..." I whispered.

She bounded over and almost tackled me into her tight embrace, "Don't you ever scare me like that again, Ok?"

I remained silent.

"How are you feeling?" she then asked, releasing me and gazing down at me.

"Disgusting. Useless."

Both women looked shocked.

"Azami, you cannot blame yourself for what happened that night. It was inevitable. Trust me, we all tried reasoning with so many people. Me and Hideki tried reasoning with the Fourth and Kushina, begging them to think of a different option that would prevent any harm coming towards any of them. But it was no use." Yukia explained, putting a hand on my shoulder, "You were not useless Azami-chan. You saved that little girl. You calmed innocent villagers. You kept our children safe. You were a hero to us. And Konoha."

I grinned, my head and heart telling me to believe her, but there was that dark corner of my mind which just sneered in disgust.

We all remained silent. It was really relaxing. I rested my head against the pillow, my body going numb. I was finally letting my emotions come to rest.

A sharp pang in my lower body.



Something I couldn't put into words.

I groaned loudly, clutching my bulging stomach.

"Azami?!" my sisters were immediately at my bedside in shock and worry.

"It hurts..." I groaned loudly

The rest of it was deafened out...

Only one thing was on my mind.

My baby was coming early.

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