A Mother's Eternal Love

Ever since she was small, Azami Uchiha had always dreamed of getting married and having a daughter of her own, which she can cherish and protect. And when the day finally comes that Hitomi Uchiha arrives into her life, Azami knew there was something special about her, and a bond immediately flourished.
What can you say? That's a Mother's eternal love.
*A short story, prequel to 'To Kill an Uchiha'*


7. Chapter 7

I awoke the next day. Disoriented. Dazed.

What happened? I thought I was...looking after...

I gasped, "Itachi?! Sasuke?! Kaze?!" hauling myself to my feet, I felt a sharp pang attack my back, "Argh!!" I cried out as I crippled and fell onto my back with a loud thud, "Don't do that baby! It's rude to hit me!!" I yelled at my stomach.

"Azami?!" I heard an unknown voice call out to me.

Immediately cautious, I threw myself into a sitting position, my Sharingan glaring at me. A medical nin all dressed in white approached cautiously, throwing his hands above his head to show no harm.

"Azami...you are wounded...let me help you." he explained quietly, calmly to me.

I snorted, "I'm...fine..." I whispered, but when I attempted to stand up again, I only failed. I cried out again and fell forward, but the medical nin was there to catch me before I fell, "Why...am I hurting? Did you do that?"

"No Azami-san. We've been looking for you for a while now. Where did you go? What were you doing?" the medical nin asked, holding me at arms width, "I've found her. Bring the stretcher over." he wasn't alone after all.

What was I doing? What...was I doing? "I was...with Itachi-kun and Sasuke and..." I screwed up my eyes, my head still painfully fuzzy, "Kaze. I was told to look after them." I felt my eyes begin to water, "But I failed? Is that it? Where are they? Where did I put them?!"

"Azami, what are you talking about? That was the night of the attack. That was a week ago! Itachi, Sasuke and Kaze have long since reunited with their families."

"A week? No it wasn't...wait...there was an attack? B...but...why am I alive? Did I scare them away?"

He pursed his lips and then gently lay me on the stretcher, "Please keep still Azami. You are in no fit state to be standing or walking. We'll take you back to the hospital."

Is there something I am missing? Forgetting? When was there an attack? By whom?


"We've found Uchiha, Azami. But she is gravely wounded with major head injuries. And I think she has amnesia but not something I'm sure won't recover."

"She's heavily pregnant. We'll have to do a scan on her daughter too."

"I've heard of a jutsu that can recover ones memory. Once her physical wounds have been healed, we can try it to bring back hers."

"Any feedback about Uchiha, Hideki?"


Voices...all around me. They were blurred and disfigured. I couldn't determine whose they were.

Amnesia? I thought, I don't have amnesia...I remember everything...I was looking after my nephews and Kaze. Their parents went away to...where did they go? It was in the evening...wait, that was when Mikoto was in labour...no...that was ages ago...or was it when I graduated the academy...? I don't think so...What came first?

My head hurt. As did my stomach...is my little girl Ok? I know that much, that I am pregnant. She kept making me sick



"Well it appears that your head and back are now completely healed, apart from the odd bruise and stitches in your head. And we checked on your little girl and she is just fine too." the doctor explained.

"When did you do that? What have I said about doing experiments on me? It's rude!" I asked, furrowing my eyebrows.

"Two days ago. Remember, Azami-san? We told you we needed you to sleep for a bit while we make your head better. And then we were going to check on your child when you woke up?"

I curled my lip and shook my head, "But it's not bedtime!" I screwed up my eyes to try and answer his question, "No...doesn't ring a bell...s...sir."

The doctor smiled gently at me, "That memory isn't doing you any favours is it?"

"I...can't remember much...it sucks." I crossed my arms like a stroppy teenager and looked away.

He laughed lightly, "I think we can do something about that. We have some special doctors who will make you remember everything."

My eyes lightened, "Maybe they will tell me where I put Itachi and Sasuke. I know they must be around here somewhere. I just can't remember where I left them. Do you know where they are? I baked pie for everyone and I wanted them to taste it first..." I stopped talking, "Did I leave the oven on?!"

The doctor wiped his glasses on his sleeve then slipped them back on again, "I'll go get the nurses to bring you down."


"Why do I have to lie here? It's too cold. I can't sleep here! Put me back!" I moaned as I lay in the middle of the glowing seal, surrounded by ninja in masks, "Why are you looking at me like that?" I narrowed my eyes at the one who stood closest to me.

Handsigns were made and the seal glowed brighter.

"Aw man now it's to br..." my mouth froze and my irises shrunk to minute.


*That Night*

As my rhyme ended for the fifth time that night, I sensed the demon, oh so close to us. And then he loomed above us. Crashing through trees as if they were cocktail sticks. Even though he was many meters away, he looked so close. Everyone began to scream. Cry. Panic.

"NO!" I shouted out to everyone. They almost froze in shock of my powerful cry, "Minato is protecting us. Do you really think he, our powerful Fourth, would let us get hurt? Yes that demon is so close...but he will never touch us. Not while we remain in this barrier. Please. Don't run. At least you'll live." I wrapped an arm around Itachi, who was at my side the whole time, clinging tighter to Kaze in my other arm.

"Mimi!" I suddenly heard someone scream. A teenage girl, of no older than thirteen was screaming out to a small girl with blonde pigtails who was running away, further from the barrier, "No! Don't go further. You'll get hurt!"

I leapt to my feet, pushed Itachi to one of the adults, and handed Kaze to that same woman, "Please keep an eye on them. I'll go and get her."

I charged forward, towards Mimi and grabbed her by the shoulder. By this point we were outside the protection, "Mimi, where are you going?"

Crashes were getting louder, the ground rumbling.

"Mommy and Daddy are getting hurt. I want to help them!" Mimi replied, tears streaming from her eyes.

"But would they want that?" I retorted.

"Huh?" Mimi gasped, looking at me wide eyed.

"Your Mommy and Daddy are fighting to keep you safe. Would they want you to run out into danger and get hurt? Do you want all their hard efforts to be for nothing?" I was getting really stern, but I wanted to get the message across. The demon was still oh so much closer.

"Mommy...Daddy..." she whispered, rubbing her eyes.

I smiled, "They will be back. Of course they will. But I think while you wait, you should get back to your big sister. She's very worried about you."

Mimi sniffed and then smiled bravely, "I'm coming big sis!" she immediately ran back to the barrier. I watched as she entered. Safe again.

I took one step forward before everything went numb. My head got hot. My arms were dead. Lifting one up with loads of effort I touched  the heat on my head. Lowering it to my eyes, I saw the blood seeping through my fingers. I looked up. Many people were watching me. Calling me. Reaching out for me. They all began to multiply as my surroundings went blurry.

I think I'll go for a walk. I decided, as I turned towards the trees and into darkness. There I fell forward allowing my face to hit to cool hard floor.



"I...I was saving a girl...from getting hurt...but instead...I got hurt." I mumbled to my doctor as I lay in a hospital bed once again, "And...that is when I was hit...I wanted to walk it off, but instead got lost and fell...and slept." I finished off.

"Mmhmm..." the doctor noted down everything I said and adjusted his glasses, "That's all I need from you for now, Azami-san." he stood from his chair, "Rest up now."

"Wait...when can I see Mikoto? Kushina? Yukia?" I asked.

The doctor's face went grave, "I want to let you rest up for now. Then I will need to speak to you more tomorrow."

"What about Hideki-san? Surely my husband is entitled to see me."

His face went even graver, "Again, I will speak to you in the morning." quickly, he left the room, leaving me lying in the white room, all alone...again...

There is something he isn't telling me. What has happened since I have been knocked out? What have I missed?

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